Getting Help In Credit Card Debt

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help in credit card debtAre you like the average person, with a ton of credit card debt?  Do you have the desire to eliminate this debt?  Getting help in credit card debt can take on different avenues. Knowing how to get started and how to handle these avenues is totally up to you and your own personal situation.

Are you lost as to where to get help or perhaps you don’t want to  know the exact amount? Hey you are not alone, many people are in the same boat with no idea of the total amount of their debt. Perhaps it is embarrassing to know the truth, perhaps some individuals just keep pushing off dealing with the whole issue of

credit card debt when it seems like it is turning into a extremely heavy burden of disgust.


Getting help in credit card debt elimination:


  • First and foremost you need to make a plan. Yes plan for this, plan for that, plan for your future, plan for unexpected things to happen. Definitely make a plan on how you will get out of credit card debt.  Without proper and decent planning, you will just be spinning your wheels and going absolutely nowhere.



People always comment that they are never getting ahead.

What? Do you feel like that right now?

Then make some changes and do something about your situation!

  • Take a serious look at your daily life.  Do you do the same thing day in and day out. Think about this…. “You are what you repeatedly do”.  So once this saying sinks into your head….then you need to make changes, make them good and proper changes, learn to make changes that will give you a rewarding day, something that will build your future something that will enhance your life, help you find success or whatever you are searching for in life.


Ask yourself:  How do I spend my  time?

Is it productive? Do I get the results that I want? Or am I going to be stuck with

this credit card debt my whole life??

  • Get a good understanding of your bills and your debts, the majority of family members have an understanding of the amount of income that comes into the house each month, just by looking at their weekly paychecks. Then they just wing it when it comes to paying out what needs to be paid, with the weekly check. Always running out of money and falling back on the credit cards.


Most individuals cannot hold onto their money for a few weeks and pay everything all at one time. The little amount of money they do earn flies right out of their hands. What is troubling is the issue that the majority do not know how much in debt  they really are or what their monthly expenses  truly consist of.

I have neighbors where the wife does all of paying the bills and the husband wants no part of it. Yet he complains about not having enough money.


  • Bankruptcy is not always the answer. Sure it wipes out your debt, but you are starting over, paying higher interest fees when and if you can get credit. But the biggest issue is that you are not learning one of life’s lessons. I am talking about taking control of your personal issues and learning to fix your own problems. Learning not to repeat the same situation.


  • Negotiation and working with your creditors does work. If  you feel that you can not do it for yourself, then find someone to do the work for you. There are many debt negotiators, debt consolidation companies and consumer credit counselors out there, just make sure you find a legitimate one that works best for you.  Take a look at this article from Bankrate about credit repair companies, and what to be aware of if you get connected with any of these companies. 


  • Set up a budget, a monthly, weekly and a daily budget. You have to know what exactly needs to be paid each month and what if any extra money you can put towards your debt.


  • Learn to live on the basic necessities for as long as it takes to get your spending under control and to get your debt completely paid off.   Stop trying to impress the neighbors.


  • Credit counseling with a professional counseling service can help you get on the right track. Check out the National Foundation for Credit Counseling they will give you advise, help you with your progress, and will point you in the right direction to hand your debt issues properly.


  • Put the plastic away completely, go back to the basics of using cash for everything you buy. Set aside the amounts you need for your specific bills, when you are out of money you are out, you can no longer just whip out the plastic.


 If the “envelope system” works best for you when searching for help in credit card debt, keeping track of all of your bills and expenses,…then go ahead, use it!

We have become a plastic payment society, which leads many to having trouble keeping up with what is being spent. How often do you just swipe that card without realizing the final cost and fees involved? Do you forget to keep a record of what is being spent?

For most the biggest issue is getting hit with fees such as overdraft, over the limit, late fees, and not keeping track of these fees. I have seen credit card statements of people that have accumulated fees of a couple of thousands of dollars from the beginning of the year.


Read about how Ben and his wife got out of $90,000 in debt in only two years

The truly hardest part of getting out of debt is to make a strict plan, budget everything and absolutely stay with the guidelines that you established.   Finding answers when it comes to  your money issues and getting help in credit card debt, starts with that first step of getting started. So what are you waiting for?   


  Never Stop Learning….Angela

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  1. Cerulean

    I’ve got many friends who are deep in credit card debt. This is usually due to overspending… I mean schools should have classes on budgeting as I feel this is one very real problem that young adults nowadays are faced with.

    If only people read your article beforehand! I can foresee a LOT less debt, and a lot more savings.

    1. Angela

      I agree, seems to me that besides all of the math, science and technology stuff, people really do need to get a handle on preparing a budget and sticking with it. I am going to say that it is instant gratification of our times. Whereas people use to save for something that they wanted. So the world turns….anyone else have something to say to this matter?


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