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translat-1Our world has become so diverse and at times culturally challenging leading individuals to struggle with a huge variety of translation issues.  If you speak English and are fluent in another language you can put your experience to good use and offer your experience to millions of those who struggle with a language barrier.    If this is something that interested you then your first step is to learn all that you can and get started today by  finding translation jobs online , have a rewarding career and literary work the

hours that fit into your daily lifestyle.

Thousands of not only large companies but especially small businesses are looking for translators to help them convert their material from one language to another.

You can get paid for  your knowledge with such things as:

Translating simple documents
Translating books, pamphlets, informational products

Helping small businesses to set up information for their websites

Helping small store front business to provide the information that their customers are looking for.

translate-books translate-kids

There are millions of items, materials , websites, booksokayinformational products that need  proper translation. Think of all the businesses that could use your help  even on an “as needed” basis to update and change their information.

Consumers worldwide want everything on their own terms and in their own language. Have you noticed labels on products in the grocery store? If not, maybe you should be reading what is on the products that you buy.


Companies are always looking for translators to cross the language barrier all in an attempt to increase their sales and expand their marketing territories.   And now with the internet,  companies are doing business transactions around the world and are desperately in need of translation in all languages.

With ever changing details in their business software and technology  tweaking, companies are always seeking fluent translators to make changes and keep their programs in top condition when it comes to servicing their customers world wide.
The translation industry is going crazy and translators are in high demand.  You can literally work at home,set your own hours, earn extra income, and have a source of retirement income.  Although it does sound exciting you must be able to do near perfect translations in order to make your clients happy and to continue translating for businesses and individuals.

Not only is the online world looking for good translators, you can actually find opportunities around where you live.  For instances I know the court systems, police departments and border patrols are always looking for translators  to be on call when then come into a situation with an individual and they have no one available that is capable of speaking a foreign language.

What is important is getting connected with companies, organization of all sizes, that are looking for qualified translators like yourself. Being an online translator you can work as much or as little as you want. If you don’t want to work online but prefer to work in your own community start by asking local churches,  attorneys, organizations, and even small businesses if they need translation done, or if you could be used as an on call translator. When a need arises you can use your talents to help someone or a business in need. Of understanding a foreign language.  Make sure you set your fees upfront with your on call clients.

How about printing companies, advertising and marketing companies. Even radio and newspapers are in need of translators.  Imagine borders between countries,  resort areas and tourist attractions like major theme parks and natural attractions with the influx of people from all cultures and their issues of handling problems without a translator.
If you do not know where or how to look for translators jobs then take a look at this translator source that will give your tips and sources on finding translations jobs with over 400 plus companies.  Just remember translation jobs on line can be tricky, so another  great source that is recommended is the Ameatarican Translators Association where you can obtain your certification.

The American Translators Association has over  11,000 members that include interpreters, teachers, project managers, web and software developers, language company owners, hospitals, universities, and government agencies. So check them out.    


Never stop learning….Angela




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