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educate-yourselfWhy do people stop learning once they get out of school?  Why is it that the majority of individuals have no desire to continue a lifelong process making themselves more knowledgeable on anything and everything they can.  Imagine if you took one topic each month and you learned something each day in regards to this topic. Perhaps there would be a bunch of “know it all’s”, perhaps we would have a much better society that understands things better or perhaps people could function much better in their daily lives.

Yes, you can learn to educate yourself, it is all about your

attitude and your desire to get something accomplished. You don’t have to be a genius to do this and I am not saying that you have to learn highly technical, nuclear, rocket science sort of stuff. I am talking mostly about topics to educate yourself to improve your lifestyle, your home life your daily activities.

For example  look how many people are in debt. Why?  I know you are going to say because you/they do not have enough money.  Yet people fail to understand all the different avenues that are available in regards to handling money, setting up budgets, the in’s and outs for the average consumer of the proper way to handle money, debt, credit and all around financial needs.

How about the issue of health? If a person knew more about proper nutrition, the need to take care of the body and the brain, there would be improvement in all around health maintenance.  Yes people totally abuse their bodies and their minds. Heck some people take better care of their cars or their pets than they do of their own bodies.

Understandably on the issue of educating yourself, it is not for everyone to attempt every subject. Pick area’s of interest, something that will help build your career, advance your thinking, make you a better person, something that will give you life skills, that can build your talents and keep your brain sharp. Did you know the average attention span is about eight seconds?  Do I have you thinking of possibilities for yourself yet?


To educate yourself, take into consideration the following:

  • Make the time, set aside a certain amount of time each day or week to get your learning done
  • Decide on what level of self education you want to achieve, will it be for personal use or will it be for a higher career status.
  • Start with the basics and learn to grow. You can find great up to date “how to” books and manuals at local book stores, discount stores. There is a huge variety of topics from cooking, doing all sorts of household repairs, remodeling, working on cars, business, self help, computers, anything you can think about.

With the cost of a college education, the biggest  price of educating your self would be commitment  to doing the work and dedication to yourself.  The level you want to take yourself is entirely up to you and in today’s world you can knowledge and skills, through self taught independence,  work related opportunities, having a personal success coach and properly piece together your assets to build your outcome.

On the swing side of self taught life skills, there is always the higher degree self education that people are accomplishing and improving their careers, especially with the help of online courses.


Check out these sources to start transforming your life:


The Dummies books on Amazon   Here you will find over 50,000 different Dummies books, selections and accessories, whatever topic you can think about you should be able to find it here in this huge selection. Really, take a look!


Also check out the Life Hack website, that gives you 20 legitimate places the educate yourself on line. You can take free college courses to enhance your career or just for self improvement.


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  1. Kerri

    Great post! I have been working in the education setting for a long time, but have recently decided to try something new. I chose a new field of study and am enjoying every moment of it!

    I think it is healthy for our minds to try something new and keep the creative juices flowing through our minds. I am learning something that can continue to keep my brain sharp when I get ready to retire.

    1. Angela

      Hey Kerri

      That is great that you are get the fact that we have to keep learning. My goal is to get other people to understand the fact. There is no reason why a person can not pick up a book, listen to something on tape, or get involved in a new project to learn new things.

      Please feel free to pass this information on to others.



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