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easy pallet projects Did you know there really is a pallet university?   No, really a guy by the name of Brandon who loves pallets, designing all types of furniture, wall hangings, and projects out of pallets, has designed a pallet university for anyone who is into, or would like to start making all types of things involving pallet wood. I think it is a marvelous idea and it is a growing business that ordinary people are making a decent living from. Home made pallet furniture and décor of all types is really a big business yet people are unaware of the idea of making anything out of pallets, being able to do easy pallet projects or how to keep everything simple or the money they can make!

You can always find sources of free pallets around

your community, you just need to know where to start looking.  I know in my area the local newspaper offers the pallets they get supplies on for free. All you have to do is go and pick them up.  Then there are a few printing companies that get their paper stock in on pallets, and they usually give away their pallets or sell them at a extremely low cost just to offset some of their costs.  Start looking around your area at businesses that might get supplies in on pallets such as retailers and factories.  Give them a call and tell them you are offering a service of taking those pallets off of their hands so they do not have to deal with the issue of getting rid of them. (in fact you can do this with other items, just use your imagination).

Make sure you examine the pallets that you are getting. The type of wood you really want is with the HT stamp or the IPPC International Plant Protection Convention label. The seal means that it has been heat treated rather than chemically treated. You can get more information on the seal, the history, the purpose and intentions of the seal, and why the heat treated work is the best all around for your wood projects by checking out the Wikipedia source.


Pallets  can be made from different types of woods, lighter weight pallets are usually made from cedar or pine and the heavier pallets are mde from oak and other heavier woods.  Also when deciding on the outcome of your wood project think about the wood grain and the width sizes of boards.
Another opporutnity you can do if not totally into doing wood projects yourself, is to have a side business of finding and obtaining all types of pallets for from the companies that don’t want them and then resell them to people who do use them. Some individuals do not have a truck to transport and pick up pallets or to store them on their property. Another spinoff that is possible is taking any unusable pallets cut them down to small sizes and resell them in small bundles for firewood.

From a huge variety of furniture, benches, chairs, to unbelievable beautiful tables of all sizes, to storage containers, wood boxes, wall display shelves, dog beds even a chicken coop, people are coming up with great ideas of what to use pallets for.  Imagine transforming a piece of simple wood to a  unique, fun pieces of any kind of timeless beautiful projects, whatever your imagination can conjure up.


You can be proud to put your finished product in your own home or even sell your easy to do projects for a decent profit.  Keep it simple, quick, yet beautiful and have an extra source of income.

DIY furniture and wood pallet projects are a big business, where many people are selling items right out of their homes and also on line at such places at Etsy and even on their Facebook pages


Yes you can create amazing wood items and you don’t have to be a major craftsman (or craftswoman) to do the projects – find out how….


  • Now you can get all the details, the ins and outs of turning out beautiful pieces of pallet furniture. Brandon is offering the chance of following his step by step instructions on a variety of projects
  • With Pallet University you can transform simple unique beautiful pieces in a weekend or even in a day
  • You get step by step written instructions along with easy to follow videos, and visual cut lists showing what exact boards to use
  • You can start out with easy pallet projects that are simple to make yet are in high demand and sell them as fast as you make them.

Check out the Pallet University right now!


Never Stop Learning…Angela


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  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    Awesome site and what a brilliant money saving idea and an idea for some extra cash selling the goods produced in your spare time. Anything that is Up-cycled is going to catch the eye of the young and trendy and local students on a budget are always going to look for a bargain!

    The table in the picture looks pretty awesome! and not to difficult to knock together either!

    1. Angela

      Hey Derek,

      Thanks for visiting, and yes you are right, recycling and re-using is great for the environment, now we just need individuals to use their imaginations to create some wonderful products for people. And yes, I agree not only the younger generation, but there are a lot of people who enjoy crafted items in their homes.

      Help spread the word and come back and visit often.



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