Easy Homemade Dog Biscuits Recipes

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dog-busicuits-2Here is a great idea to bring in some extra money and perhaps start your own home based business.

Dogs make the best customers. their owners are more than willing to shell out plenty of money and an easy business for you to operate out of the comfort of your home when you have access to easy homemade dog biscuits recipes, is a dog treat, doggie “yum yum ” business. The best part is that

your customers will eat them up!

The dog biscuits, pet treats and dog cookies world is part of the all around pet industry business that pulls in 65 billion dollar a year. That is some hefty cash that people shell out for their beloved pets, and their four legged “kids”.

Yes, you can make healthy delicious biscuits for your own beloved pets and hand them out for other pet owners, but have you ever thought about making some extra cash on the side?

If you have a passion for pets and enjoy baking you can make some serious money providing quality homemade nutritional and healthy dog treats. Millions of dollars alone are spent on special treats because dog lovers only want the best for their beloved pets.dog-biscuits-1

Lots of dogs have food allergies and sensitive stomachs which makes the pet owners seek out solutions for their pets when it comes to special treats.

Did you know some human foods are deadly for our pets?  Foods such as chocolate and grapes along with other items (medicines that humans take) are not meant for animals and should be avoided by all means.

There are 100’s of  natural recipes, organic, special recipes, special flavorings, some for weight management, allergies, vegetarian, even for arthritis issues. The variety is endless, from cookies, to treats, cakes for birthdays, gourmet treats, frozen treats, even wheat free, all to please the animal in you life!   Yes my friend, dogs rule and their masters are willing to spend the cash. And the majority of individuals will spend more on their beloved pets than they do on themselves.

If you had the best homemade dog biscuits recipes you could have your own small business, making money on a daily basis.Did you know that this is a low risk business with high profit potential?

Promoting health and wellness for all dogs by supplying nutritional handmade biscuits, cookies, and treats can put you in the dough when you know the proper techniques.
You could come up with a huge variety of niches and specialities if you use your imagination and literally think like a dog and also like dog owners who want special things for their “kids”.   I know a lady who takes her dog to a “doggy salon” to get a blueberry facial. Yes, really! And while she is there she buys a variety of speciality biscuits that are homemade by someone in the area.

Pet owners take great concern when it comes to the health of their pets, daily health issues when it comes to digestive issues, weight maintenance, healthy joints, dry skin issues, fleas, ticks, and even such things as bad breath.

If you are a pet lover you can have fun with this, get highly creative and can be bringing in extra money in no time. What you need now is to find the trade secrets of the most successful pet treat bakers whose success has literally gone to the dogs.

A great place to find the information you need is with “The Bake-A-Dog-A-Bone Start-Up Resource Guide”   it gives you step-by-step details on such things as: 

  • Finding the right recipes that will please all pets
  • Creative ideas to get started and the best way to build you home based business, if you want to go that route
  • The best types of biscuits to make, all the in’s and outs of making special treats for animal needs
  • Online and offline marketing
  • How to build your customer base and have them coming back for more
  • How to build out extra streams of income to cover special occasions, holidays

The best part is that you can find over 150 specially designed recipes by pet nutrition experts that will  promote the health and wellbeing of your pet customers, keeping them healthy, fit and active. What a great repeat business!

Make the pet owner happy and you will find success and believe me when you have easy homemade dog biscuits recipes and the know how of selling your product the pets will find you. There are plenty of pet lovers out there so get baking.

   Never stop learning….Angela

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  1. ArtByHeart

    Hi Angela, amazing ebook, thank you very much for sharing!
    It’s true that we put so much money into our pets, that making biscuits and others treat indeed might become profitable business that you can do from the comfort of you home. I would have never thought of that without your insightful article!

    1. Angela

      I like to find and share ideas that people can use not only for themselves but also for the possibility of having an extra income. Does anyone have any ideas that they would like to share to give people ideas???



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