Do I Have Enough Saved Retirement?

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I find it very interesting that people see money in different ways. In this fast paced society it seems the majority of people have money issues, cannot control their finances, never having enough money and the majority of individuals never find the answer to the scary question of, do I have enough saved retirement money?  Could it be attributed to poor money handling, lack of money control or could it be more towards the issue of over extension or do people just continue to blame it on society?

For most people the lack of understanding future income and expenses may  prolong the ultimate effects of what retirement years  should hold. It seems the simple answer in real time is, do nothing about it now (I don’t have any extra money, I have too many bills), keep delaying the idea of a truly rich retirement  and to worry about it at a later time down the road. Is it because people don’t care, do they lack the knowledge or they don’t know where to get help?

I heard this interesting yet frightening  line the other day on a television program,   “you can solve all your problems by having more money”  yet the problem with lack of money turns out to be a major factor for the average American family. Not being able to get ahead, losing hours at work, not having a good paying job, unexpected expenses always pop up…I like to say “it’s life and life always gets in the way”.

The fact is that the way you live your life is decided by the choices you make in life and includes ignored  areas such as financial security, job retention, careers, retirement issues, learning to keep a few steps ahead, and all around goals.

Choices such as:

  • being in control or not being in control
  • not learning and understanding financial issues
  • not having some sort of budget (this is HUGE)
  • not making an effort to make positive changes, even if it is one step at a time.

The issue with not having enough retirement money,  certainly living paycheck to paycheck, and doing without the basics, continues to worsen in every American city.

Don’t you wish you could be Bewitched, just twitch your nose and everything changes for the better? Sorry, ya got to put in some work to reap the rewards!

Alarming money issues:

  • the majority of individuals are not trained to properly control and understand all of the retirement investment issues and handling their future nest egg
  • 45 percent of Americans do not have any type of retirement money
  • unfortunately the American dream of living a comfortable fun filled retirement will not be totally obtainable for the majority of retirees or soon to be retirees.
  • people are caught  in the lack of credit, which in turn forces them to pay higher prices on virtually everything
  • most people stay in the stressful money situation, and under a mountain of debt…a  huge amount of  people are caught in a tangled financial mess and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I really know what it is like to be in your shoes; I myself have been in the “broke and scared” scenario, I have dealt with bill collectors, high debt, gone without food, caught up in the endless cycle of payday advances, and have been in some very stressful situations. But I kept fighting back, I worked 2 jobs at a time to get caught up, I put myself and my family on a strict budget and most of all I learned to deal with, and overcome my own bad money habits.

    Money steps to take:  

Learn to Budget

Learn to Budget

  • Learn to take control of your situation, learn to face reality and fight those ugly humongous dragons (aka bills).
  • Make good choices and good changes for your entire life
  • Learn to become financially fit, make smart decisions about your money and your finances
  • Learn to downsize, eliminate the huge house (check out the boom in the tiny house industry)
  • Do you really need a new car every couple of years. Take a look at your family car situation, do you need all those extra cars? Here again we are talking about car payments, insurance, repairs and maintenance, gas, parking fees.

An interesting fact is that most people will spend more on vehicles in their lifetime then the total amount they have in retirement accounts.  Is your car making your cash poor and broke?

  • Figure out where your money bucket is leaking and learn how to plug those leaks
  • Put yourself and the whole family on a strict budget. Do you need all those tv channels? To get your nails done? Buy name brand clothes and shoes? Last minute buying?  Here is a big one…cut down on eating out!

Remember there is also a variety of little expenses, unnecessary expenses and shall we say stupid expenses,  they add up to bigger costs and that can and will get completely out of control.  (for example: I see people paying bills through a wire service that cost anywhere from $6.99 to $9.99 per bill. Buy a money order and mail that payment in).

Again budget, prepare, keep records!


  • Figure out what you can and can’t afford, where can you cut, what can you eliminate, how can you increase your income, where can you find a flow of extra money.

Having  no goals, no plans and ignoring the question of:

Do I Have Enough Saved Retirement?

…. well that is just a disaster waiting to explode!

Not having or  adding to your own retirement account could lead to a constant struggle heading into retirement. Too many people rely totally on social security and it should not be like that. Company pensions are being downsized and in some cases, eliminated. Here we are in 2016 and social security recipients did not receive any type of cost of living increase, and yes it does affect their monthly expenses.

  • Get your bills in order, give up some things, take control of your situation and find a way to start putting away five dollars, ten dollars, (whatever you can) into your own retirement fund.

Learn to find a way to start saving for your retirement as soon as you can, preferably in your twenties, the earlier you start the more time you will have with the magic of compounding

One thing you should not do with a retirement fund is to start  tapping into it if an emergency comes up such as job loss, health issues, the need to eliminate bills. Remember there are some stiff penalties, taxes and fees involved to withdraw before your retirement age. And the money will be gone when you do need it later in life.

You should not have to keep wondering that same old question, Do I Have Enough Saved Retirement to get me through my golden years?

Do it for yourself, always make an effort to learn something new each day, learn to improve your life, make changes, make good choices, never give up.

Have no idea where to begin, what would be best for you, or who to trust? Check out what Dave has to say….



check it out now!

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  1. Jonathan

    Hi Angela I’m so glad that I read your article today. This is such an important subject to many Americans in our country. One of the things that I feel they should teach more in schools is about retirement because a lot of people don’t think about it until further down in their age. It’s so important to do as you said to cut back on expenses and really figure out what you need to live with and cut back on all the money that you’re wasting on your wants. I could talk about this all day! At the moment I am a firm believer that more money is almost of the same importance if not more important for our retirement. I think the solution for all Americans and for everybody in the world for that matter is to make more money. If we make more money we will worry less and be able to save a lot more for retirement which I might add a very wise person told me one day in order to be really comfortable in our retirement we need to save about 20% of our income.

    1. Angela

      Very interesting comments you have listed here Jonathan, Thank you for the words and for “getting it”. So many people just keep going in circles, with no planning and not understanding anything about their future finances. So I have to say to everyone… pass the word of having enough money for retirement !!

  2. Jess

    I think many people live in a constant state of fear or denial when it comes to retirement.

    How could they possibly put money away for retirement when they barely have enough money to live off of now? I love Dave Ramsey, kudos to you for sharing his wisdom and methods with others!

    I am debt free going on two years now and am now able to put half of the maximum contribution into my roth IRA now yearly. My goal is to be able to put the maximum contribution by the end of this year by increasing my income.

    Great article! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Angela

      Hey Jess, Great to hear your story about getting out of debt and contributing to your IRA. I think people just keep putting things off and some are afraid of change. So my goal is to open the minds of everyone and help them make good choices and changes in their financial situations.

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