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Seems people have different ideas and views of how to achieve six figure income jobs and in today’s world filled with marvelous technology the way to achieve and succeed at those positions comes in more unique creative ways.

That $100,000  a year income from a fantastic, hard to achieve position working for a large corporation use to be the magical number that most individuals considered as achieving  financial and career success.  Having a six figure income  can mean any amount from $100,000 to $999,999. and not long ago making even $100,000 put people in an affluent status but in today’s economy not even that amount is enough.  The new six figure yearly income now is considered to be around $250,000 or more.



Here are some interesting facts on that “use to be” magical number of $100,000:


  • Less than 20 % of households in America do not even hit that $100,000 income amount.   
  • With inflation what would have cost 100,000 in the 1970’s would now be well over 300,000.  Of course the fact is that money doesn’t go as far, and the needs of wage earners and households is forever changing.
  • Just a little over 25% of the adult population in the United States has achieved the status of a four year college degree. Yet many people are making a good decent living without that degree and the majority of them are finding great opportunities with the help of  modern technology and the worldwide internet population. Which goes to proves that there are fantastic opportunities for those who have the desire and good work ethics to achieve that six figure and higher income.
  • If you already have a high paying position and if you are older (I’m going with 40 and up here) how much effort is it going to take for you to hold onto that position before a young 20 year old “eager beaver” fresh out college tries to take it away from you?
  • Or if you are over 50 and are current looking for a position that offers a six figure income, take into consideration the competition because that twenty year old/thirty year old,  will probably be beating you out for that wonderful position. Yes age discrimination is still around us. You gotta fight your battles.

Achieving, holding on to and maintaining a six figure income comes with maintaining the essentials of extreme effort, pure desire, optimism, knowing where to get help and of course hard work.

People have a huge variety of opinions of what types of jobs, and the education needed to hit that magical number of over $100,000. Fortunately for many they are thinking outside the box, creating their own new and exciting business opportunities instead of of applying for, and fighting for any of those stressful six figure income jobs



Creative thinking is having your own business, for which you will be in control,(remember, you will never get rich working for someone else) you need to have and control your own business

Here are just a few ways other people are finding success and earning that sort of income without having a college degree:thHMGC88WJ

  • Real estate/ real estate broker, factor in you will need to be licensed, and your geographic location would be an advantage
  • Small business owner, with the ability to offer specific needs and great customer service, small business operators are thriving whereas the big box brick and mortar corporations are closing up stores. People are buying more with small local specialty businesses than ever before.
  • Technical trades,  such as auto technicians plumbers, electricians, home repair services, computer repair, and the personalized customer service industry is exploding all due to our world getting more technical, complexed and busy lifestyles. People do not have time to do repairs on their own.

Did you hear about the garbage collectors who are earning over 100,000 a year? Read their story right now!

  • Health industry, people who want to get healthy are looking for personal chefs, personal trainers, health care providers, also motivational speakers are just a few areas that demand unique service
  • Some individuals are so busy they need personal assistants, drivers, and help with a variety of business related and household related issues.
  • Anyone have that entrepreneurial spirit?  The world would definitely be your customer base when you have your own website and can offer a niche with a twist.  
  • Many individuals are achieving that magical number of $100,000 and up. They are creating businesses to work at home and are finding that it adapts to the time that is most convenient for them.


Options to take to achieve that six figure amount:

There are nice six figure income jobs available but make a decision now of which road you want to travel… 

The first road of have higher education requirements… taking on the battle of other job seeking competitors and IF you get the position you will have to conform to that company’s rules, regulations, guidelines.

Or the second road option would be to either start your own service business, or establish and run a successful online business.

Learn to put your experience or knowledge to work for have the opportunity to turn the tables and get going on your own business to pull in that six figure plus income! 

 The world is changing.  People are discovering and creating new, and rewarding six figure income jobs that fits their needs and offers fantastic services that the public is demanding.

Right now get out of your comfort zone and check out this source:   The Six-Figure Second Income:  “How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business”    You will discover common sense advice, and proven tips from authors, David and Jonathan who have been through it all and exceeded their expectations with their own success. They give you the best tools to invest in yourself to earn the income you desire!

Take your work ethics and commitment, pull yourself away from the traditional ways of earning a higher income and take a serious look into these high demand areas where people are achieving  that six figure plus income success.

Never stop learning…..Angela

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