Chris Hogan Retire Inspired – Review

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People of all ages are discovering the financial messages of  mentor  Chris Hogan and are following his pattern to success. Now more than ever, individuals, couples and families are using his techniques to prepare for a better quality of retirement lifestyle living because they are understanding the need for preparation and planning long term.

I truly benefited from the advice that I found in the  Chris Hogan Retire Inspired book, which displays such practical yet unique awareness on the topic of living your life to the highest possible standard.

He talks about the materialistic world and how the majority of people have a so called belief that they have to have the top technology just because it is brand new, or they are still trying to keep up with the Joneses to impress others.

Chris has a easy to follow writing technique that truly describes how retirement should be when it comes to your financial numbers, and the issue of not just retiring just because you come of a certain age. Sadly most individuals will retire and live on a measly monthly income,  and will actually retire broke.

People are not taking retirement preparation into consideration  to include the skyrocketing cost of living, unexpected emergencies, health cost being off the charts and the fact that longevity is increasing.

Chris’s statement of “Humble living frees you from financial struggles and debts” contains a lot of meaning that people should seriously live by. Continually throughout the book he talks about how everyone should have, and be in control of their own financial retirement I. Q.



  • He believes in the 80/20 rule to build your financial status
  • Chris partners with Dave Ramsey (a financial mentor in his own right)
  • He talks about budgeting as a lifelong skill
  • He puts your through a retirement obstacle course
  • He is a motivator and can set anyone on the path to a well planned out retirement
  • He was at one time in the same situation that all of us are in (broke and NOT in reality with personal finances)



  • It’s a book Yes you gotta read it
  • Just reading it is not going to change your financial outlook.  You have to make the determination to change yourself, make a plan, and work the plan
  • Most people do not want to talk about retirement or money issues. Getting started and committing to a long term project is the hardest part, no matter at what age. Just get started.
  • Chris partners with Dave Ramsey and some of this could be Ramsey’s advise.  You decide. We all have our own likes and dislikes. (I think you will like both mentors).

I just want you to be aware of your retirement years. Hopefully you realize that retirement is a new beginning, a different phase in your life, and the possibility of  a life expectancy that could last 30 plus years. Are you prepared? Will you live comfortably in retirement or will you live with the nightmares, the stressed out money situations, or the always  being broke scenario?


Find the answers you need with the Chris Hogan “Retire Inspiredteachings. This is a great opportunity to change your financial numbers. You don’t have to retire broke!

I personally enjoyed Chris’ information, learned new techniques and it has inspired me to build  and improve my financial future so I do not have live in squander.  Get this book and make quality changes in your life!


Never Stop Learning….Angela

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  1. Jessica

    Long term planning is so important for your retirement! You can’t expect to retire now without having a plan unless you win the lotto or something. But it can be so hard to really know how since you still have to pay for your day to day and we are in a consumer lifestyle where your not “cool” if you don’t have the newest/best.

    1. Angela

      You are so right Jessica, people are struggling to get by and definitely people do not know how to plan for future events and retirement years. Without proper planning our society will be headed for a major crash.

      Please feel free to pass this information along to others



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