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How To Get Healthy Stay Healthy

healthy-eating-overweightTaking care of your health should be a top priority, figuring out how to get healthy stay healthy, and keeping your mind and thoughts from deteriorating, should be your “top of the list” of importance as you grow older. Over the years  with the abuse and neglect that was put on your health, your body and mind, it literally forces you into the wear down stage.

Issues will pop up, things will develop and if not taken care of properly you will suffer, your health will deteriorate and which in turn leads to you not being up to par in taking care of your overall well being. Not feeling well not only affects your health and mind, it also puts a strain on daily tasks as well as long term goals being ignore. All leading to a mountain to climb if you are trying to find success in your life. (more…)

How To Find A Purpose In Life

I have come to realize that most people are trudging through life with absolutely no idea of what they were meant to be, do or what their reason for being.  Allow me to say that you were given life for a reason, your life is important and  life should be lived  with top quality expectations.  The main issue is that most do not know how to find a purpose in life and absolutely have no idea that it is quite possible to achieve!

I have had 2 revelations that opened my eyes as to where my life was headed.


I remember a few years ago walking into my kitchen, standing at the sink and it just hit me that my life was just plain and ordinary, day in and day out, doing the same old extremely boring routine in my life. (more…)

The Power In Positive Thinking

It is no secret that people are truly discovering the powerful effects when it comes to positive thinking.

Millions of  individuals have found ways to incorporate  the power in positive thinking into their daily lives to achieve amazing success and happiness. People of all ages are finding their own ways to change their attitude, build their self esteem and total control over what happens to them on a daily basis, and are securely building a quality lifestyle that screams success and rewards for their future.

To achieve positive thinking, the qualities one must work on include…..


What Is Theta Waves?

What upsets me about life and huge masses of individuals is the issue of people that go through life with absolutely no plans for their future, never attempting to make positive changes. Amazingly  never to  figure out such things as,  what is theta waves or positive attitudes and especially what the affects of not making any type of attempts of achieving financial success or happiness in life.

I hate the fact that individuals (including myself at one time)  commit so much of their own personal time to someone else. I am talking about places of employment. You give them 40 or more hours a week for a wage that I know you do not think is enough (it never is). I realize everyone needs to work in order to provide, yet the majority of individuals are so narrow minded and do not (more…)

15 Tips on Tiny House Floor Plans


Gone is the day of the enormous house status that people dreamed of owning, and the lucky ones once did until the economy went south back in 2008. Now people are still on the mend trying to recover from loss investments, jobs being slashed, loss of homes, mostly due to issues from foreclosure, recovery from money situations, and having to literally start over.

The trend now in the housing market is to down size to small houses, the up and coming vibrant small house movement has well laid out tiny house floor plans with very limiting footage averaging around 200 to 800 square feet replacing those (more…)

How To Fix Identity Theft

Has this ever happened to you? You running late for work (as usual) yet you need to stop at the ATM to withdraw some extra cash, and for some reason it keeps telling you there is not enough in your account or your balance is zero.

What is going on, you ask? Yes it is identity theft, some one hacked into your personal account, someone probably on the other side of the world now knows your personal information and has completely wiped you out, has charged thousands of dollars on your credit cards and will happily continue to hit your accounts not caring one bit about your situation or how much it will destroy you and your financial outcome. It is happening to more people on a daily basis and the situation of how to fix identity theft is causing financial and mental distress.

Sometimes unauthorized or undetected financial movements could be hitting your accounts for months before (more…)

The Best Identity Theft Protection

Over 15  million people in the United States fall victim to the fastest growing crime of identity theft each year, and even with modern technology that number will continually climb. The best identity theft protection starts with you and how you choose to protect your private information.

Identity theft comes in a variety of forms and uses. Your personal information such as your name, your date of birth, your credit card numbers, your social security number can be used to commit theft and other crimes without your permission. A thief could literally commit a crime, steal thousands of dollars, even take out a loan in your name and you discover (more…)

Free Stuff For Seniors

Are you aware that every year our favorite Uncle (Sam) and many businesses are over generous in supplying and giving away free stuff for seniors, such as grant money for a variety of uses, different types of services, goods and products? If you are over the age of 55 or you have a family member over the age of 55 discovering how to receive such items could be a virtual life saver and most certainly can help with (more…)

Practical Christmas Gifts

Alright as of today you have less than 2 weeks until that, what shall we call it… that magical day, or that hurry up and lets get it over with day. I know you are still out there shopping spending money, charging up those credit cards, but I want to share with you some very practical Christmas gifts, that would probably be more…. (more…)

New Year Resolution

It’s getting close to that time of the year again, the holidays are in full swing too much glutton on our waist lines, brains, and wallets. So we start preparing for a new year and everyone makes a commitment, a comment, or an attempt of the biggest new year resolution they are going to keep. So just remember “keep” is the big word here but before I get to that allow me to share with you a part of the meaning of this whole resolution thingamajig and why people start out on a new year that I found from Wikipedia, “a tradition….in which a person makes a promise to do an act of … (more…)

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