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The Retirement Plan Should Be Your Plan

The Retirement PlanWhat does the future hold for you? Do you have a good understanding of how and when your so called golden years will begin or how long they will last?

The retirement plan you design should really be your desires, your dreams of what you expect out of retirement.  Yet whatever your personal plan is, it will come with many avenues to consider and of course some major and minor bumps in the road.

Retirement is more than just about saving money for when you are no longer working. It is also about how you control your life, your health, your family your finances and how you manage your financial situation to last your entire life time. Retirement is about making decisions about your monthly income flow, balancing out your resources to estimate how (more…)

The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2016 Offers Much Needed Possibilities

retirement enhancement and savings act 2016, retirement funds, retirement pensions, saving for retirementDo you really take the time to understand about retirement income, or how it will affect your daily living? Are you ready to do something about preparing for your transition period and the process of flowing easily and comfortably into your retirement years?  Would you like a better understanding of what the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2016 can do for you and for future generations?

Perhaps you already have your finances in (more…)

On Social Security and Living On The Edge

On Social Security, living on the edge Life happens, face it, getting old happens.  Have you prepared for your older years, you know, the golden years, those wonderful retirement years? Are you prepared or will you end up like the millions of individuals who are solely living on Social Security and living on the edge, leaving them to struggle every single month, year after year.

How is it that the majority of older people get into poverty levels and end up depending only on Social Security benefits? Perhaps they make stupid decisions, the wrong choices,  perhaps they don’t take the time to check things out and to think about consequences, they don’t learn from their mistakes, or maybe they have the notion that retirement is way off in the

future and they have plenty of time ( yet we know that time flies by super fast). (more…)

Chris Hogan Retire Inspired – Review

People of all ages are discovering the financial messages of  mentor  Chris Hogan and are following his pattern to success. Now more than ever, individuals, couples and families are using his techniques to prepare for a better quality of retirement lifestyle living because they are understanding the need for preparation and planning long term.

I truly benefited from the advice that I found in the  Chris Hogan Retire Inspired book, which displays such practical yet unique awareness on the topic of living your life to the highest possible standard. (more…)

How To Sign Up For Social Security, Simple & Fast

Everyone knows what social security is but many do not know the reasoning behind what it was originally intended for or the fact that there is over 2,700 rules in the operations manual.  It is your right to receive this benefit but knowing how to sign up for social security and receiving your maximum amount is essential in planning for retirement years and your lively hood.


How to sign up for Social Security


Social security was signed into law in 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt as a federal program designed to help out the older age society and individuals with survivorship, and disability issues. It was intended to promote the welfare of each person with assistance to sufficient resources such as (more…)

How To Get The Most Out Of Social Security

What category  do you fall into when it comes to your future?th86D2F3OI

  • You are already in retirement, having a wonderful time.
  • You are already in retirement and  struggling to get by each and every month?
  • You are in pre-retirement and attempting to figure out how to get the most out of social security, wishing you knew where to turn for answers and help
  • You are still so young, you just can’t fathom the thought of retirement


Can you believe that…. (more…)

Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes


retire time clockSeems we are keeping our heads stuck in the sand when it comes to saving for retirement. For our own personal or ignorant reasons we keep delaying one of the long term issues of our lifetime.  In fact a couple of the biggest retirement planning mistakes include not planning at all, or starting later in life, then you are scrambling to play catch up. So how do we supplement or save for retirement, when should we start, what should we do? Where do we get the money now?

It could be the same for you as it is for others, people claim they do not have any extra cash come payday to put away for those wonderful  happy, stress free “golden years”.

The best time for individuals to start for best results is (more…)

Social Security Online Services – Start Here

120px-Social_Security_CardsTechnology along with Government regulations has completely changed the procedure of how to apply for, and receive social security benefits. Yet more confusing is the learning curve when it comes to social security online services, such as understanding and tracking benefits, the massive field of options that people are unaware of, and dealing with specific qualifications, codes and requirements.

Face it, lifestyles are changing, social security, retirement, aging and money go hand in hand and now you have to deal with the constant bewildering world of technology as if constantly affects the way we live, work and play.

Wouldn’t an extra $50,000 in benefits help you out?


Social Security Retirement Age Chart

thUMHHBPZ0Understanding social security with retirement planning, and how it affects your future years is a major step in which individuals and couples need to invest positive quality time in protecting their rights, benefits and financial needs. Making decisions concerning social security and the full range of retirement options can be frightening. Many individuals attempting to use a social security retirement age chart to guide them thru retirement end up in bewilderment trying to (more…)

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