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How To Get Healthy Stay Healthy

healthy-eating-overweightTaking care of your health should be a top priority, figuring out how to get healthy stay healthy, and keeping your mind and thoughts from deteriorating, should be your “top of the list” of importance as you grow older. Over the years  with the abuse and neglect that was put on your health, your body and mind, it literally forces you into the wear down stage.

Issues will pop up, things will develop and if not taken care of properly you will suffer, your health will deteriorate and which in turn leads to you not being up to par in taking care of your overall well being. Not feeling well not only affects your health and mind, it also puts a strain on daily tasks as well as long term goals being ignore. All leading to a mountain to climb if you are trying to find success in your life. (more…)

Educate Yourself

educate-yourself Why do people stop learning once they get out of school?  Why is it that the majority of individuals have no desire to continue a lifelong process making themselves more knowledgeable on anything and everything they can.  Imagine if you took one topic each month and you learned something each day in regards to this topic. Perhaps there would be a bunch of “know it all’s”, perhaps we would have a much better society that understands things better or perhaps people could function much better in their daily lives.

Yes, you can learn to educate yourself, it is all about your (more…)

You Can Get Motivated To Reach Your Goals

thPSVWE8WZMost people have a hard time not only of achieving goals, they have extreme difficulty at times working towards goals, setting goals and seeing things through to the end results. Motivation is a big issue, so allow me to say that you can get motivated to reach your goals and achieve the success that you have always dreamed about. Finding and working your motivation comes from within. A person has to have that (more…)

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Habit


th3SOXHXBE Have you ever stop to think of how your habits are taking over your life?

Did you know that our lives are basically controlled by our habits by our routines, our thoughts, and especially how we program or do not program our minds. Figuring out how to get rid of a bad habit only takes the process of making changes, making good choices and staying committed to those changes. The majority of everything that we do is developed from a habit, good or bad. (more…)

The Proctor Gallagher Institute Gives You Success


thPSVWE8WZHave you figured out how to achieve personal or business growth?  Do you know how to set your life path to grow and succeed at whatever you desire or dream about? Is your future planned out and are you following those plans?  The place where many like minded individuals are finding fantastic results is with the Proctor Gallagher Institute where achievable and winning  situations are definitely (more…)

1,000’s Of Life Quotes To Live By

thHNB1T7OXQuotes and short inspirational sayings are a wonderful motivational and goal setting tool that many people use to plan their future and build success. Sadly though the majority of  people go through life with no type of plans and never attempting to get ahead in life. Did you know that making some changes, using life quotes to live by, adding some determination and work, can make drastic changes in your life?  For some a future with uphill changes and fantastic outcomes is unthinkable , obviously falling back on negativity thinking.


To grow and find the greatness that you want in life you need to learn to develop your imagination, have a vision for yourself, and find ways to motivate and (more…)

A Thought For The Day, Good or Bad?

thPSVWE8WZAt times it seems that the world is filled with no rational sense. The harsh realities of life hits some harder than it hits others.  We all have thoughts that run through our heads continuously. The type of thoughts you have and what to do with those thoughts makes all the difference on the perception of your life and it can possibly affect a mass amount of people no matter if those thoughts are positive or negative actions.

A thought for the day can mean many things to different people, it all depends on your individualized perception that formulates in your mind. (more…)

How To Take Control In Your Life

I always get up early in the morning, take my walk and then while I am doing things around the house I enjoy watching and listening to the daily national business and news networksth7O852OWV

Watching  CNBC Squawk Box  (if you never watched it, give it a try for a few weeks, you can learn some interesting things) and a couple of other shows made me realize that they not only talk about the state of the economy and business news, but they also hit upon life in general, and how people generate success in life.

Basically in a nutshell over the last few weeks it hit me that these shows are giving everyday viewers tidbits on how to take control in your life, take control of a variety of situations, achieve your ultimate goals as well as what they do best of keeping people informed on world business and news reports. (more…)

What Is A Reality Check?

People think about it from time to time, some take action, but most just go through life in the same routine without changing one thing.  So let me start off here by asking you if can personally answer the million dollar question of, what is a reality check, and are you able to make adjustments in your life to change your reality for the better?

Definition of reality check:

An occasion on which one is reminded of the nature of things in the real world. It is the things as they actually exists, (not the perception of what they seem to be) it is everything that is and has been, everything that exists or will exist in true form. 
Finding a perfect answer when doing a reality check could be difficult due to the difference in lifestyles and ideas for each person. One must take a look at their past life, their present situation,  and make a determination of how the reality of one’s future should be and how to get to that point. (more…)

How To Find A Purpose In Life

I have come to realize that most people are trudging through life with absolutely no idea of what they were meant to be, do or what their reason for being.  Allow me to say that you were given life for a reason, your life is important and  life should be lived  with top quality expectations.  The main issue is that most do not know how to find a purpose in life and absolutely have no idea that it is quite possible to achieve!

I have had 2 revelations that opened my eyes as to where my life was headed.


I remember a few years ago walking into my kitchen, standing at the sink and it just hit me that my life was just plain and ordinary, day in and day out, doing the same old extremely boring routine in my life. (more…)

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