Retirement Money

Part Time Jobs for Senior Citizens

Many individuals over the age of 50 realize far too late that they will need to supplement their retirement income. A deep concern has escalated in the lack of part time jobs for senior citizens in the last few years. Did you know that in the years from 1946 to 1964 there were 76 million births? Factoring out the numbers to include deaths, immigration and other issues, an estimated 10,000 people in the United States will turn 65 each day for approximate the next 17 years.

So maybe it has finally hit you, that you are over 40 (okay over 50) you have attempted to set goals, delayed plans for those retirement years and most probably know squat concerning where you stand with your financial investments (if any). Have you even started trying to figure out if your income will be more than sufficient for your everyday retirement living expenses, to cover those dreams and all of the bills? Or will you have to find a part time job or worse continue (more…)

Social Security Retirement Age Chart

thUMHHBPZ0Understanding social security with retirement planning, and how it affects your future years is a major step in which individuals and couples need to invest positive quality time in protecting their rights, benefits and financial needs. Making decisions concerning social security and the full range of retirement options can be frightening. Many individuals attempting to use a social security retirement age chart to guide them thru retirement end up in bewilderment trying to (more…)

What Age Can I Retire At? – What You Need To Know

To millions of people getting older is either a scary thought or they have the notion that they will never grow old, or they can start saving money “later“. Yes we go through life with a tendency to push things out of our minds and not plan appropriately for the future. Which in turn leads everyone at some point to ask questions such as, What age can I retire at? Will I have (more…)

Average Retirement Savings Age – Where Do I Fit In?

There should be a yearly financial requirement (maybe at tax season) that every single person from age 20 through the golden years, should become familiar with the average retirement savings age, understand what it means, where they fall in this category, make a commitment of educating themselves and contributing to their future.

I am saying this because like the majority of people, I was as some would call it, blind sided when my small amount of investments and an embarrassing retirement plan that I sort of scrimped and saved for, literally fell off the cliff with the huge economy bust back in 2008. I had some money put away and with life going on around me, didn’t pay that much attention to investments and was in denial to economic news.

Let it be known that you are not alone when it comes to issues concerning rebuilding your financial needs, trying to figure out where to begin, and estimating if your retirement money will be sufficient for your golden years. What is heartbreaking is that millions of people will not (more…)

Retirement Money Needed


You have worked hard all your life and now its time to enjoy it, to experience the special things, your dreams, to complete your bucket list. Unfortunately the issue of having an enjoyable lifestyle and the retirement money needed throughout life past the age of 50 is a major (more…)

Making Money For Retirement – are you prepared?

Millions of hardworking individuals are facing the realization that they will desperately need to find ways to supplement their income and creative ways of making money for retirement. With the roller coaster status of our economy, the fallout of retirement funds, pensions and a shaky social security system, people should make it a top priority to add any type of (more…)

Managing Money for Retirement

A big issue that passes through the minds of millions of individuals on a daily basis is concerns on  maintaining and managing money for retirement.  At some point and in a variety of way everyone will be affected by retirement! Some will embrace it and some will be forced to keep pushing back the issue. Yet the In the last seven years alone there has been unbelievable destruction and massive changes in society…. (more…)

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