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Easy Pallet Projects Anyone Can Do


easy pallet projects Did you know there really is a pallet university?   No, really a guy by the name of Brandon who loves pallets, designing all types of furniture, wall hangings, and projects out of pallets, has designed a pallet university for anyone who is into, or would like to start making all types of things involving pallet wood. I think it is a marvelous idea and it is a growing business that ordinary people are making a decent living from. Home made pallet furniture and décor of all types is really a big business yet people are unaware of the idea of making anything out of pallets, being able to do easy pallet projects or how to keep everything simple or the money they can make!

You can always find sources of free pallets around (more…)

Wells Fargo, Is It Just The Beginning?

Wells Fargo, retirement money, money If you have not heard the recent financial news lately then you probably are living with plugs in your ears. The word is out that banking giant, Wells Fargo has been using excessive practices, threatening, applying scare tactics on their employees to bring in more business, forcing their employees to meet extremely high, almost demanding them to fulfill an exorbitant amount of sale quotas.

According to employees, the quotas were set to almost unreachable amounts, setting employees up to (more…)

Where Can I Sell My Crafts?


I know a lot of you make crafts, jewelry,  pet items, unique items and woodworking products, but if you are like most people, I can hear it now, you are always looking for places to take your products perhaps to sell on your own or on consignment. Thousands of crafters are asking that same question of where can I sell my crafts, how do I get started, what are my best options, how do I sell online?  


What Is Passive Income About?

What is passive income  about It has always been a drive in my inner soul not only to have money, but to be financially secure and in control of my financial future.  Talking with people from all lifestyles I have discovered that most people feel the same way, yet do nothing about their situation.

The most asked question I am hit with is, what is passive income about?

Not surprisingly this is being asked by thousands of individuals who have been searching for answers to increase their sources of income, yet they do not know where to get help, or  how to get on the right track. If you have a desire for (more…)

Early Retirement Tips For A Remarkable Future

Hitting your 50s can be a frighten time for most people, simply because they have been dealing with daily activities, daily stresses, they could have been in the ostrich mode of having their head stuck in the sand or they just keep putting off the whole retirement issue for lack of knowledge

For the individual that finally gets it, they realize that they have not saved nearly enough or perhaps anything at all. And they realize that they could be in some serious trouble in their later years, simply due the fact of not following any type of early retirement tips which, if followed more actively, could have (more…)

What is the Best In Home Business For Women?

thRP9OW3GJ Hey ladies, if you are thinking of working from home, or have been searching for a quality in home business for women, that fits your needs, you are not alone, and I will be sharing a few opportunities to review.

The average woman today is extremely busy with taking care of  family life, working out of the home and for the go-getters, finding remarkable ways to start their own in home business. The production day of the modern day woman does not end at a specific time. Women are working off the clock, working around the clock, and amazingly pulling together family time, work time and taking care of personal issues. Is it just my imagination or is it the woman, the mom that (more…)

Personal Money Management Tips People Ignore

The reality of life is sometimes pushed aside to allow for all of those daily distractions that hit us when we least expect it, especially when it comes to money handling issues.  Students in high school and college are required to take classes such as math, the sciences, English, computers. Yet the majority of schools do not require any type of personal money management tips and life training in preparation of going out and learning to function in a society full of high money demands.

Having little or no money handling ideas when it comes to managing money most definitely can lead to a life of struggle, living paycheck to paycheck and having no secure financial freedom going into the future.  Perhaps this is the reason over 77 million Americans are in debt. Wealth planning and money handling is completely ignored with the urgency of going out, getting a job and (more…)

How To Start A Woodworking Business From Home

thCNT1F05V If you are looking for a way to make extra money you can apply your interests, or hobbies, use your “hands on” abilities, find out how to turn your passion into extra cash, and actually get started working right out of your garage or basement. Knowing how to start a woodworking business from home can fill a need of keeping yourself, a family member busy or giving someone the opportunity to  put working with (more…)

3 Fantastic Work From Home Jobs


Work from home jobsWith all of the intentions, the needs and the desires of making life better, millions of people are searching for some type of of work from home jobs to bring in extra income. Still there comes a darker side that rears its ugly head. That being of scams, fake websites, the promises of making thousands of dollars in a day’s time.

Finding any type of decent legitimate work from home jobs definitely comes with challenges. Be smart, do your homework, don’t go desperado and grab at anything that claims you will (more…)

100’s of Crafts To Make And Sell

th71B8YRV5 Do you have a love for craft items, do you have a talent, a skill, the enjoyment of crafting hand making unique items? Does making some extra money on the side or having your own craft business sound like a winner?

Making and selling your handmade crafts can become a very lucrative business. You just have to find your specialty, offer quality items  and know which crafts to make and sell,  that one of area of craft products that your customers love and (more…)

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