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How To Get What’s Yours From Social Security


Retirement is coming fast and furious and it will be here before you know it. And on top of that is all of the major issues you need to be aware of and how to prepare yourself. I am referring to understanding the in’s and outs of knowing how to get what’s yours from Social Security.

Get what's yours from Social Security

Are you getting your ultimate, totally maxed out monthly amount that you can, and should be receiving from Social Security?


Did you  know there are over 2,700 rules involved with the Social Security process? A sad fact is that the majority of people heading into retirement are just willing to (more…)

How the Wealthy Affiliate Is Reviewed


If you are fed up with your present situation, of working for low pay, working for someone else, making them rich, if you are tired of the stack of bills, if you want a better life, if you want to build a successful online business,  then you need to check out where other people are finding great success with their online results. Let me explain how the Wealthy Affiliate is making people extremely successful when it comes to building an online business and earning thousands of dollars or more a month. Are you ready to learn how? Keep reading… (more…)

What Does It Mean To Pay Yourself First?

What Does It Mean To Pay Yourself First?What does it mean to pay yourself first? This is a very popular phrase in the personal finance world, and  although you could use it in other areas such as personal development,  or setting goals, it does factor around the whole concept of having a certain amount of your paycheck be automatically deposited from every paycheck into a special account which is to be saved and not touched.

This whole phrase centers around the fact that you work hard for your money and you deserve a portion of that money to be saved, before paying out the bills. Here’s why…. (more…)

The Best Jobs For Seniors – Review

The best jobs for seniorsDo you seem to be pushing off retirement? Or are you totally prepared for the next era in your life? Have you found ways to occupy your time when you do go into retirement? If you are finding these questions hard to answer, then keep reading, because I want to help you find some answers.

Baby Boomers or anyone over the age of 50 are nowadays delaying their retirement years and are opting for opportunities such as, to continue working, finding out that some of the best jobs for seniors are within their grasp, getting involved more in their community, working with organizations and especially finding ways to work within a (more…)

The Retirement Plan Should Be Your Plan

The Retirement PlanWhat does the future hold for you? Do you have a good understanding of how and when your so called golden years will begin or how long they will last?

The retirement plan you design should really be your desires, your dreams of what you expect out of retirement.  Yet whatever your personal plan is, it will come with many avenues to consider and of course some major and minor bumps in the road.

Retirement is more than just about saving money for when you are no longer working. It is also about how you control your life, your health, your family your finances and how you manage your financial situation to last your entire life time. Retirement is about making decisions about your monthly income flow, balancing out your resources to estimate how (more…)

The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2016 Offers Much Needed Possibilities

retirement enhancement and savings act 2016, retirement funds, retirement pensions, saving for retirementDo you really take the time to understand about retirement income, or how it will affect your daily living? Are you ready to do something about preparing for your transition period and the process of flowing easily and comfortably into your retirement years?  Would you like a better understanding of what the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2016 can do for you and for future generations?

Perhaps you already have your finances in (more…)

How to Start An Errand Service Business or Concierge Service

Errand Service Business, personal concierge, concierge businessIf you get along well with others, as well as  enjoy working with people and performing a variety of task then knowing the ins and outs of how to start an errand service business might just be the right type of business for you to get started in. The errand service business can absolutely be started part time, with a great advantage of growing into a full time honest business to service your community.    (more…)

Cruise Line Employment Jobs

cruiseship If you are the adventurous type, why not take a look at working for a cruise line, traveling the high seas and seeing the world. People of all ages are now taking advantage of some great opportunities of finding cruise line employment jobs, and working a variety of positions on cruise ships. People are finding rewarding opportunities and lifetime memories as the cruise ships ventures to exotic and beautiful places. (more…)

How To Make Extra Money For Retirement

To me my whole business, website, blog, information, whatever you want to call it , is all about providing information on ways to improve your retirement years with more money, extra streams of income. It is all about how to make extra money for retirement and being able to enjoy those years the way you want without having any money worries.

See I understand that people don’t plan, they don’t think retirement will hit them until it actually does, or they just don’t have the (more…)

On Social Security and Living On The Edge

On Social Security, living on the edge Life happens, face it, getting old happens.  Have you prepared for your older years, you know, the golden years, those wonderful retirement years? Are you prepared or will you end up like the millions of individuals who are solely living on Social Security and living on the edge, leaving them to struggle every single month, year after year.

How is it that the majority of older people get into poverty levels and end up depending only on Social Security benefits? Perhaps they make stupid decisions, the wrong choices,  perhaps they don’t take the time to check things out and to think about consequences, they don’t learn from their mistakes, or maybe they have the notion that retirement is way off in the

future and they have plenty of time ( yet we know that time flies by super fast). (more…)

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