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Greatcall Jitterbug – Review

jitterbug flip phone, Great Call JitterbugAre you  stressing over finding the perfect gift for an elder family member? Here is a great idea to seriously consider – how about a simple, effective, reliable cell phone, or a reliable medical care device that can be of assistance to a family member who can use a phone system or some occasional support with a medical condition?  This holiday season, for any gift idea all year long or “just because”,  the Greatcall Jitterbug  with it’s impeccable phone service, the medical help it provides and all the simple but effective extra’s that it provides, can be  the much needed answer to helping out your loved one, no matter what their situation.


What a great gift idea for senior citizens, some one who is in retirement, who do not need to fill their homes with more items that they will never use. The Greatcall Jitterbug phone is a useful present that at times (more…)

Practical Christmas Gifts For Seniors

ugly Yup it is that time of the year again and I know everyone is going crazy to find that perfect gift, a crazy attempt to get all those extra errands done, spending more time with the family and doing every other crazy thing  that needs to be done during the this wonderful, stressful, (sometimes depressed filled) time of year.  

Gift giving can be nerve racking and sometimes stressful especially when you have no idea of what type of gift to give to a senior. Do you agree that it is especially frustrating in finding or finally deciding on the perfect Christmas gifts for seniors and all of this could leave some family members pushed to the max? 

Do you get into the debatable mode wondering  if grandma, grandpa, Aunt Jane or Uncle Billy would will really like your gift? All I have to say is…. (more…)

What Is The Amazon Echo? Review It Here

What is the Amazon Echo? Amazon Echo speakerWhat is the Amazon Echo?   It is your personal assistant, it is your right hand,  it controls your home for security, it factors in your personal needs and it makes your life more comfortable and organized.  The Amazon Echo is your complete backup for anything and everything you need done, and for finding out any type of information that your are looking for.

The Amazon Echo is a (more…)

How To Get An Organized Home

clutter2 Is your home surroundings and your personal life cluttered and totally disorganized.

Do you always have trouble finding things? Do you waste way too much time trying to put things in order or trying to find lost items?  Would you like to know how to get an organized home and an organized personal life? Yes, everyone can use some organization in their lives when it comes to not only their homes but also when it comes to work related issues, personal situations and even getting their thoughts and mind in order. (more…)

Easy Pallet Projects Anyone Can Do


easy pallet projects Did you know there really is a pallet university?   No, really a guy by the name of Brandon who loves pallets, designing all types of furniture, wall hangings, and projects out of pallets, has designed a pallet university for anyone who is into, or would like to start making all types of things involving pallet wood. I think it is a marvelous idea and it is a growing business that ordinary people are making a decent living from. Home made pallet furniture and décor of all types is really a big business yet people are unaware of the idea of making anything out of pallets, being able to do easy pallet projects or how to keep everything simple or the money they can make!

You can always find sources of free pallets around (more…)

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Habit


th3SOXHXBE Have you ever stop to think of how your habits are taking over your life?

Did you know that our lives are basically controlled by our habits by our routines, our thoughts, and especially how we program or do not program our minds. Figuring out how to get rid of a bad habit only takes the process of making changes, making good choices and staying committed to those changes. The majority of everything that we do is developed from a habit, good or bad. (more…)

#1 Best Cell Phone Seniors Are Using

Millions of people including senior citizens are getting frustrated with their cell phone provider and especially with the type of basic phones that they can select from. What irritates them the most is the complexity of the modern technology phones with all the apps, complexity issues, the small buttons and not have good reception.  One type of cell phone that is growing in popularity and not surprisingly the #1 best cell phone seniors are turning to is the Jitterbug cell phone which is remarkably easy to use, keep in contact with others and fits the need of simplicity. (more…)

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