The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2016 Offers Much Needed Possibilities

retirement enhancement and savings act 2016, retirement funds, retirement pensions, saving for retirementDo you really take the time to understand about retirement income, or how it will affect your daily living? Are you ready to do something about preparing for your transition period and the process of flowing easily and comfortably into your retirement years?  Would you like a better understanding of what the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2016 can do for you and for future generations?

Perhaps you already have your finances in (more…)

How to Start An Errand Service Business or Concierge Service

Errand Service Business, personal concierge, concierge businessIf you get along well with others, as well as  enjoy working with people and performing a variety of task then knowing the ins and outs of how to start an errand service business might just be the right type of business for you to get started in. The errand service business can absolutely be started part time, with a great advantage of growing into a full time honest business to service your community.    (more…)

Is It Scary To Retire With A Bag Full Of Debt?


Is it scary to retire with a bag full of debt? If you ask this question to my grandad or even dad, he would instantly say “a big no”. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have interacted with many people who are entangled with debt problems. Some are immersed in credit card debt. Others are postponing their marriage and family plans because of their huge student loan debt. I wonder what these people would do at the time of retirement? What if they can’t pay off their debts before retirement? Is it perfectly fine to retire with a bag full of debt?

Is it bad to retire with debt?   (more…)

Using a Monthly Bill Organizer


billsYou cannot get away from the fact that you will always have bills. How you handle them, organize them and eliminate them, makes all the difference in having a strong, debt free lifestyle. Yet the majority of people do not have a system set up as to how they organize, attempt to understand and pay their bills when they are due. Many people will simply take their weekly paycheck and go from place to place to pay their bills. 

For some, using a monthly bill organizer seems out of the question to them as they actually live paycheck to paycheck and dole out cash without any money management organization. (more…)

Getting Help In Credit Card Debt

help in credit card debtAre you like the average person, with a ton of credit card debt?  Do you have the desire to eliminate this debt?  Getting help in credit card debt can take on different avenues. Knowing how to get started and how to handle these avenues is totally up to you and your own personal situation.

Are you lost as to where to get help or perhaps you don’t want to  know the exact amount? Hey you are not alone, many people are in the same boat with no idea of the total amount of their debt. Perhaps it is embarrassing to know the truth, perhaps some individuals just keep pushing off dealing with the whole issue of (more…)

Wells Fargo, Is It Just The Beginning?

Wells Fargo, retirement money, money If you have not heard the recent financial news lately then you probably are living with plugs in your ears. The word is out that banking giant, Wells Fargo has been using excessive practices, threatening, applying scare tactics on their employees to bring in more business, forcing their employees to meet extremely high, almost demanding them to fulfill an exorbitant amount of sale quotas.

According to employees, the quotas were set to almost unreachable amounts, setting employees up to (more…)

Early Retirement Tips For A Remarkable Future

Hitting your 50s can be a frighten time for most people, simply because they have been dealing with daily activities, daily stresses, they could have been in the ostrich mode of having their head stuck in the sand or they just keep putting off the whole retirement issue for lack of knowledge

For the individual that finally gets it, they realize that they have not saved nearly enough or perhaps anything at all. And they realize that they could be in some serious trouble in their later years, simply due the fact of not following any type of early retirement tips which, if followed more actively, could have (more…)

How To Get Money For The Holidays


thM1XR7GTI Ok I know what you are all saying,  “what holidays?”, but  believe it or not people, yes those wonderful, magical, stressed filled money grabbing holidays are fast approaching again, and for the vast majority of individuals, they do  not one dollar saved.  it is totally amazing to me some  people will always try to figure out how to get money for the holidays while the others will just do the same thing and add it on to their credit card balances, no matter what the cost.

With the retailers behind the big push, the consumer shopping period for the holidays now starts in mid September, black Friday incentives are out before Halloween is over,  and the (more…)

Personal Money Management Tips People Ignore

The reality of life is sometimes pushed aside to allow for all of those daily distractions that hit us when we least expect it, especially when it comes to money handling issues.  Students in high school and college are required to take classes such as math, the sciences, English, computers. Yet the majority of schools do not require any type of personal money management tips and life training in preparation of going out and learning to function in a society full of high money demands.

Having little or no money handling ideas when it comes to managing money most definitely can lead to a life of struggle, living paycheck to paycheck and having no secure financial freedom going into the future.  Perhaps this is the reason over 77 million Americans are in debt. Wealth planning and money handling is completely ignored with the urgency of going out, getting a job and (more…)

This Couple Is Out Of Money, Now What?

paying down debt strategies

Life is challenging at times, for the majority of families and couples it gets harder each day to pay the rent, buy quality food and provided the necessities for what is need each month. has released a survey that shows less than 40% of Americans have very little or no back up money saved when an emergency hits the house hold. Everyone is running out of money  from twenty year olds, middle class, retirees, and families from all walks of life simply can not come up with any extra money if some breaks down, the car needs repairs or (more…)

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