Eliminating Debt

Good Debt Settlement Companies


Millions of individuals and families are finding it difficult to keep up with their financial obligations. Debt issues can put stress on income earners and definitely affect future issues within a household.

There are plenty of  good debt settlement companies available for your individualized needs. Finding, coordinating and working with any of these companies takes preparation and a good understanding of what they offer and what will be accomplished to achieve your dreams of being debt free.

Before making a decision on a debt settlement or a debt consolidation  program you need to (more…)

Best – Businesses To Start At Home

Starting a small business or being able to work from home can offer many rewards as well as challenges. Take into the equation some issues that are quite often overlooked such as, am I dedicated, can I put in the time, can I find the support?

The main questions I hear all the time are, where can I find a source of legitimate businesses to start at home and how do I get started?

th9SJ81A84Things certainly have changed from generations ago where a person would finish with school and go right into the workforce and remain with the same company for 30, 40 or more years. The biggest thing was knowing that (more…)

11 Workable Ways To Reduce And Eliminate Debt

Have you finally  made the decision that you are tired of the mountain of personal debt that squeezes you every single month? Or are you still spinning your wheels, living on that small paycheck to paycheck, just wishing you could be debt free?

paying down debt strategiesAmazingly there are active and proven ways to reduce and eliminate debt, yet one of the problems is getting over the fear factor. The majority of individuals or couples would prefer to be free from their debt issues, but the starting point and that fear factor seems to be the biggest obstacle.

Are you falling into the category of the millions that carry a credit card and just use it for everything? Do you look at your statement each month, perhaps not, since it will probably knock you to your knees with the amounts that you added to your credit card each month and then, wait for it (more…)

15 of The Best Books To Read – Review

I know you have a hectic lifestyle, but when it comes to your future, your success or goals, when it comes to your money, do you realize how lucky you are that you do have choices?

I have accumulated a very interesting  list of what many consider as The Best Books To Read for all ages, for anyone starting out in their early years in regards to their finances to people looking at (more…)

15 Ways To Paying Down Debt Strategies

What keeps people from getting out of debt? What keeps people from ignoring paying down debt strategies? Do people like the stress, the embarrassment, the headaches, the bill collectors, or even family arguments over money?  Can you tell me what keeps you in the nasty debt cycle?  In most cases being and staying in a debt situation happens due to mistakes that were made with overspending, careless spending, and even (more…)

9 Practical Ways To Find Extra Money

Money certainly makes the world go round and the demise of not knowing where your money is going, can turn into a huge financial issue that needs to be addressed.  Seems most of us are in the same boiling pot of being cash poor,  using what we think are clever ways to find extra money and still the bills keep coming, food has to be bought, money is much in demand and gives you little respect.

I am sure you have been in the predicament that you were totally out of money for the month or the week, and you were desperately waiting for the next paycheck. (more…)

25 Best Ways to Eliminate and Reduce Debt

Living on credit and drowning in debt seems to be the new normal in our crazy  society.  An over abundance of debt puts families into high levels of stress and doing unnecessary things with their hard earned money. Some people just live with the daily pressure of dealing with money issues, while others are making the effort and finding ways to reduce and eliminate debt, with the realization that being debt free is an excellent goal to achieve which turns into financial freedom.

The demands of money issues and money commitments spirals many individuals out of control, forcing people to  never actually formulate a plan on  how to recover and change for future options.   People are coming to the realization that being in debt, stressing out over bill collectors  is similar to  a severe nasty illness that never goes away unless the right action is taken.  Fighting money issues and the lack of money, will take the right medication , time and commitment to eliminate the “debt Illness”

Discovering and applying a variety of powerful tips on how to get out of debt will help you build your own personal ways to reduce and eliminate debt, and in the process build your financial future.

The desire to be debt free has to come (more…)

How Do I Get More Money?

Do you have your personal finances organized and planned out for the future? Do you find yourself asking the question of how do I get more money? Are you constantly fighting that nasty evil thing called debt? Should I even ask you about your retirement plans or how many dollars you are attempting to stretch until your next payday? Of course what happens when the next payday hits?  You are once again in that vicious cycle of scraping by, robbing Peter to pay Paul, trying to figure out where and how to get more money, what not to pay and what bills can wait.

Actually you are not alone, people are constantly looking for sources of money, making an attempt of increasing their monthly income, and most of the time just a need for money to pay their mortgage, pay the light bill, put food on the table.

Studies have shown that people get so worked up about their money situations that they overlook the basic elements that could be applied to help fight their crisis.

Actually the more you think and talk about your money issues, the more it will pull you down, and doing nothing to improve your situation is even worse.


I realize that everyone has a different situation and story, so here are (more…)

Get Out Of Debt With A Budget

Got debt? Of course you do. Do you have a budget or plan on how to eliminate your debt? Probably not. What no budget? Okay the fact is the majority of people do not know how to get out of debt with a budget or even have a plan. Truthfully I think making a family or individual budget has been lost in the fast pace, ever changing technology world that has encompassed our lives in the last fifteen years. and the fact that people are just living day to day.

Budgeting bills, budgeting debt has become a mountain of a challenge when other factors are thrown in such as lost of income, sky rocketing cost of living, unexpected expenses, buying into the newest technology, and of course keeping… (more…)

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