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Is It Scary To Retire With A Bag Full Of Debt?


Is it scary to retire with a bag full of debt? If you ask this question to my grandad or even dad, he would instantly say “a big no”. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have interacted with many people who are entangled with debt problems. Some are immersed in credit card debt. Others are postponing their marriage and family plans because of their huge student loan debt. I wonder what these people would do at the time of retirement? What if they can’t pay off their debts before retirement? Is it perfectly fine to retire with a bag full of debt?

Is it bad to retire with debt?   (more…)

Getting Help In Credit Card Debt

help in credit card debtAre you like the average person, with a ton of credit card debt?  Do you have the desire to eliminate this debt?  Getting help in credit card debt can take on different avenues. Knowing how to get started and how to handle these avenues is totally up to you and your own personal situation.

Are you lost as to where to get help or perhaps you don’t want to  know the exact amount? Hey you are not alone, many people are in the same boat with no idea of the total amount of their debt. Perhaps it is embarrassing to know the truth, perhaps some individuals just keep pushing off dealing with the whole issue of (more…)

101 Ways To Make Quick Cash

thF25X7KXZLate on paying that bill that you have been pushing off? Or you are totally broke and need some extra cash until the next payday rolls around? There are plenty  of legitimate ways to make quick cash, mostly it just takes your imagination, seizing opportunities and getting out there and actually do the work. Because sorry bud, the cash will not just be handed to you!

You can make up some quick flyers and go door to door with a listing of services that you can offer homeowners, senior citizens or people that just don’t have the time to get things done.

Take a look around to get ideas, such as (more…)

How To Get Out Of Debt For Free

paying down debt strategies To me it was not really a shock when I found out that over 77 million Americans are deep in debt and have the majority of their accounts in some sort of collection status. One out of three people have collection debt ranging from $100 to over $100,000.

If you are reading this it could be perhaps, you are in debt yourself and you want to know the answer of how to get out of debt for free or perhaps you just want to compare your money situation with that of others to see where you stand in the nasty battle of handling debt.

Whatever your reason for getting in this gigantic hole, you should be concerned about your own personal debt issues, how you can get rid of the debt and getting (more…)

201 Quick Money Making Ideas


thDZ37C0YC Short on cash and the refrigerator just died? Your paycheck was not as much as what you thought it would be? People always seem to be wishing for a money tree, but that just doesn’t work out. But hold on, there are ways to raise cash in a few days when you know how to use an assortment of quick money making ideas, and when you combine what would fit in best with your time frame and your interests.

Be positive in your actions, you most certainly can avoid any illegal situations or any of those (outrageous cash advance) places when you start thinking creatively and (more…)

This Couple Is Out Of Money, Now What?

paying down debt strategies

Life is challenging at times, for the majority of families and couples it gets harder each day to pay the rent, buy quality food and provided the necessities for what is need each month. 

 Bankrate.com has released a survey that shows less than 40% of Americans have very little or no back up money saved when an emergency hits the house hold. Everyone is running out of money  from twenty year olds, middle class, retirees, and families from all walks of life simply can not come up with any extra money if some breaks down, the car needs repairs or (more…)

How to Get Out Of A Payday Loan Debt

thY037V4XT The payday loan or cash advance business is a billion dollar industry  that continually fights governmental regulation, somehow keeps finding loopholes to stay open and to keep the already strapped consumer in a debt cycle that is virtually impossible to get out of.  Could this possibly be you?  Then keep reading.

 The first time you use their system it is wonderful, you get the cash you need then in a very short period of time from 2weeks to a month you are paying back an absorbent amount of fees.  Unfortunately many individuals do not attempt to figure out how to get out of a payday loan debt or how they operate. (more…)

23 Reasons Why A Home Budget Worksheet Is Vital

thF25X7KXZ The majority of families in this fast paced, stressed out world have different views on how to handle their monthly income that is coming in.   

The majority are still spending carelessly with no planning for future outcomes, no emergency backup plans, not knowing why they are always broke.

Most have cut down on overspending their hard earned money, but they are still in the living paycheck to paycheck daily routine. They are caught in a web of debt issues and cannot seem to get ahead. (more…)

Chris Hogan Retire Inspired – Review

People of all ages are discovering the financial messages of  mentor  Chris Hogan and are following his pattern to success. Now more than ever, individuals, couples and families are using his techniques to prepare for a better quality of retirement lifestyle living because they are understanding the need for preparation and planning long term.

I truly benefited from the advice that I found in the  Chris Hogan Retire Inspired book, which displays such practical yet unique awareness on the topic of living your life to the highest possible standard. (more…)

What Is A Reality Check?

People think about it from time to time, some take action, but most just go through life in the same routine without changing one thing.  So let me start off here by asking you if can personally answer the million dollar question of, what is a reality check, and are you able to make adjustments in your life to change your reality for the better?

Definition of reality check:

An occasion on which one is reminded of the nature of things in the real world. It is the things as they actually exists, (not the perception of what they seem to be) it is everything that is and has been, everything that exists or will exist in true form. 
Finding a perfect answer when doing a reality check could be difficult due to the difference in lifestyles and ideas for each person. One must take a look at their past life, their present situation,  and make a determination of how the reality of one’s future should be and how to get to that point. (more…)

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