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How To Start A Small Business From Home

opportunity signLet me just say that I am a people watcher and a people listener, and it seems to me that wherever I go nowadays I hear people talking improving their lifestyle and finding ways to quit their jobs.

I am finding eager people (just like yourself)  who are fed up with going nowhere, dealing with low paying jobs and are asking the question of: “How To Start A Small Business From Home, how, what  and where do I begin?”

I am finding that people have a fear of being out of their comfort zone. Yet they fall into desperation when the company they work for closes up or does a massive layoff.  What about company retirement pensions being reduced. Yes it is happening! (more…)

How To Take Control In Your Life

I always get up early in the morning, take my walk and then while I am doing things around the house I enjoy watching and listening to the daily national business and news networksth7O852OWV

Watching  CNBC Squawk Box  (if you never watched it, give it a try for a few weeks, you can learn some interesting things) and a couple of other shows made me realize that they not only talk about the state of the economy and business news, but they also hit upon life in general, and how people generate success in life.

Basically in a nutshell over the last few weeks it hit me that these shows are giving everyday viewers tidbits on how to take control in your life, take control of a variety of situations, achieve your ultimate goals as well as what they do best of keeping people informed on world business and news reports. (more…)

How To Become A Professional Organizer

Call it what you may, the ability to be organized seems to be a dirty word for the  majority of individuals in this super busy, stressed out, materialistic world.

Most do not realize it but the category of organizing also includes such things as  decluttering, categorizing, cleaning out,  going through years of items to determine what to keep, what not to keep, getting dirty at times, and it really could be unpleasant at times, or bring back good memories, depending on the situation.

thVV5OTNQG When determining the facts and details on how to become a professional organizer and if this type of business could possibly be for you, the first thing you must do is look within yourself and at your life.

Ask yourself such questions as: (more…)

What Is A Reality Check?

People think about it from time to time, some take action, but most just go through life in the same routine without changing one thing.  So let me start off here by asking you if can personally answer the million dollar question of, what is a reality check, and are you able to make adjustments in your life to change your reality for the better?

Definition of reality check:

An occasion on which one is reminded of the nature of things in the real world. It is the things as they actually exists, (not the perception of what they seem to be) it is everything that is and has been, everything that exists or will exist in true form. 
Finding a perfect answer when doing a reality check could be difficult due to the difference in lifestyles and ideas for each person. One must take a look at their past life, their present situation,  and make a determination of how the reality of one’s future should be and how to get to that point. (more…)

How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

I have been getting a lot of people asking me lately about the possibility of earning extra income and having a business involving Amazon.    What I have to explain first is that Amazon is a huge lucrative  worldwide marketplace, where anyone can sell new and used items.

How to sell on Amazon for beginnersIf you are just starting out figuring out the process of how to sell on Amazon for beginners can become quite nerve racking if not trained properly or if not gaining experience from someone who has been there and has achieved that selling success.

What is amazing is that people are starting a fulltime or parttime business to fit their time schedules, working with Amazon, generating an extra income and even creating a (more…)

Creating Six Figure Income Jobs



Seems people have different ideas and views of how to achieve six figure income jobs and in today’s world filled with marvelous technology the way to achieve and succeed at those positions comes in more unique creative ways.

That $100,000  a year income from a fantastic, hard to achieve position working for a large corporation use to be the magical number that most individuals considered as achieving  financial and career success.  Having a six figure income  can mean any amount from $100,000 to $999,999. and not long ago making even $100,000 put people in an affluent status but in today’s economy not even that amount is enough.  The new six figure yearly income now is considered to be around $250,000 or more. (more…)

Starting A Gift Basket Business

Talking with a colleague recently I was informed of a wonder business that is easy to start and can offer a huge profit opportunity to have a fantastic stream of income.

Individuals who are crafty, imaginative, organized and can come up with theme ideas are finding that starting a gift basket business right out of the comfort of their own home is an excellent opportunity to have (more…)

How To Find A Purpose In Life

I have come to realize that most people are trudging through life with absolutely no idea of what they were meant to be, do or what their reason for being.  Allow me to say that you were given life for a reason, your life is important and  life should be lived  with top quality expectations.  The main issue is that most do not know how to find a purpose in life and absolutely have no idea that it is quite possible to achieve!

I have had 2 revelations that opened my eyes as to where my life was headed.


I remember a few years ago walking into my kitchen, standing at the sink and it just hit me that my life was just plain and ordinary, day in and day out, doing the same old extremely boring routine in my life. (more…)

The Power In Positive Thinking

It is no secret that people are truly discovering the powerful effects when it comes to positive thinking.

Millions of  individuals have found ways to incorporate  the power in positive thinking into their daily lives to achieve amazing success and happiness. People of all ages are finding their own ways to change their attitude, build their self esteem and total control over what happens to them on a daily basis, and are securely building a quality lifestyle that screams success and rewards for their future.

To achieve positive thinking, the qualities one must work on include…..


10 Reality Checks Before Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business starts with your dreams, ideas, desires, a whole lot of time, commitment, worries and bumpy roads, yet it doesn’t have to be scary and complicated. Like any big challenge if you prepare as much as possible the ride will be somewhat more of a smooth.  For the individuals who (are doubting thomas’s)  or have some sort of fear of starting a business, here is a great starting point…. an essential  list of “need to know” 10 reality checks before starting your own business, to help all those who are lost  or have a fear of getting started.

 10 Reality checks before starting your own business

Reality check, brain check, business check…whatever you want to call it….


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