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What Is The 4 Hour Work Week About?


What is the 4 hour work week about?, The 4 hour work week Most people go about their daily lives hating their jobs, complaining about their low wages, hating their bosses or companies that they are employed by and never taking any steps towards improvement. It is sad that people do a lot of complaining and very little to make any type of changes in their lives.  Sometimes people do way more talking or dreaming then to find actual answers to their boring, stressed out lives.

So I know you are asking that burning question of, what is the 4 hour work week about? I just want to share with you what it basically consists of, some remarks, some reviews and then you can make a decision for yourself, give it a try, or you can (more…)

Why Make New Years Resolutions?

Why make new years resolutionsOkay so it is that time of year again, we are getting past the Christmas season and going into the new year. When it comes to resolutions, the majority of people wonder, why make New Years resolutions, is it really worth it? Is it just more hype? Or does it just lead to the routine failure?

Many people put forth an honest effort, but then they end up forgetting about their big idea, or just give up on their resolutions entirely.


9 Successful Time Management Strategy Tips For Spinning Wheels

time management, time management strategies, time management techniques The majority of people are not organized individuals, have no understanding or control on how their time is spent, and at times literally waste their precious time each and every day, almost like lost souls that keep spinning their wheels and not getting things done. If this sounds like your lifestyle then I would like to share a variety of successful time management strategy tips to improve your life and get a better handle on where your time goes each day.

How can you be successful and fully understand how to manage your time if you are not organized and your time is not (more…)

How To Overcome the Fear of Failure In Life

fear of failure, fear of procrastination, fear of failure phobiaWhy do people fear failure.  Why is it the majority of individuals are stuck in their daily routine, with a fear of taking a step out of their protective bubble? Perhaps the unknown of what could happen frightens them. Perhaps the idea of change frights them, or maybe they just do nothing about a situation hoping it will just go away.

Knowing how to overcome the fear of failure in your lifestyle, can lead to you a higher all around success, a better lifestyle and a stronger confidence of self being.

Failure can be taken into consideration when it is mixed with the aspects of the human soul and the outcome of how your perception works for you.  Wait, what?  Do you believe that the fear of failure procrastination starts (more…)

How To Get An Organized Home

clutter2 Is your home surroundings and your personal life cluttered and totally disorganized.

Do you always have trouble finding things? Do you waste way too much time trying to put things in order or trying to find lost items?  Would you like to know how to get an organized home and an organized personal life? Yes, everyone can use some organization in their lives when it comes to not only their homes but also when it comes to work related issues, personal situations and even getting their thoughts and mind in order. (more…)

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life

motivation-1Each one of us is the same,  we all have needs, and wants,  we all have desires, dreams, goals, we also have problems, difficulties, sorrows and issues to be resolved.  Yet we defer to the fact of how we handle and accept any of these situations.

Your mind capabilities and your mind control all factors greatly into this situation. Do you have a strong mind or a weak mind?  Do you know?   Do you find yourself asking the question, I don’t know what to do with my life I don’t know where my life is headed.

Do you allow anyone or anything to control (more…)

Steps In Starting A Small Business

business-ownerMany people want to start their own small business, yet the majority of time they jump right in with no preplanning for the mental strength it takes. The beginning steps in starting a small business involves the right mindset and understanding what people want. The best way to have a successful small business is to align your thinking and efforts on the needs of other people. There are people who will pay you to help solve their problems, to take tackle their problems and to handle their issues and concerns. There are plenty of (more…)

Educate Yourself

educate-yourself Why do people stop learning once they get out of school?  Why is it that the majority of individuals have no desire to continue a lifelong process making themselves more knowledgeable on anything and everything they can.  Imagine if you took one topic each month and you learned something each day in regards to this topic. Perhaps there would be a bunch of “know it all’s”, perhaps we would have a much better society that understands things better or perhaps people could function much better in their daily lives.

Yes, you can learn to educate yourself, it is all about your (more…)

You Can Get Motivated To Reach Your Goals

thPSVWE8WZMost people have a hard time not only of achieving goals, they have extreme difficulty at times working towards goals, setting goals and seeing things through to the end results. Motivation is a big issue, so allow me to say that you can get motivated to reach your goals and achieve the success that you have always dreamed about. Finding and working your motivation comes from within. A person has to have that (more…)

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