Best List Of Small Business Ideas

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List of small business ideas Shaky economic times, job loss or living paycheck to paycheck are forcing  individuals  to come up with creative ways to bring in more money when they have no other option. It is turning out to be a win win situation as individualized attention and quality work is what customers are

looking for.

Do you have dreams and goals you want to achieve of being your own boss, of having your own small business? From working on the internet to offering personalized services, millions of individuals are finding that success comes when you have a good starting point and put in the work ethics. Can you do it?


I have put together a unique list of small business ideas that can be started fairly easily and that you can make some extra money starting with less than $100.  If you choose you can expand and make it into a full time business. The key to factor in here is to just get started, enjoy what you are doing and find ways to offer new products or services.  


Do you love pets?  The pet service or pet care is an area that you can start up really easy. Millions of people desperately need a quality pet care service that they can trust with their beloved 4 legged kids. With busy schedules people are looking for someone who offers different selections such as coming into their private homes to get their animals outside to do their business.

Others are looking for a longer service where you watch their dog or cat in your home. Many people do not like boarding their pets while they are gone for a few days or even on a daily basis. Check out what kennels charge in your area and figure out a way to offer special services to your potential customers.   Treat their “kids”  with love and attention and you will have a lot of repeat business.



Offer tutoring services. I know when my son was in high school I found him a  math tutor to help him with some areas. This tutor was charging $30 an hour. I have no idea how many students he was tutoring, but he was a busy guy and in demand.

There is a local chef in our area that does tutoring for all ages and he charges  an average of $40 – $50 an hour. He told me just recently his youngest student is seven years old. She apparently loves the Food Network channel and her goal is to be on one of the cookoffs.


Insects, bugs, rodents…I know it might sound disgusting but the bed bug situation is growing and not only for hotels, but households, rental homes to huge hotel franchise operations run into this situation and they are desperate for help. Being an exterminator is not for everyone but it is a legitimate business you can grow and will fill a need. You can expand to include extermination of all sorts of bugs and insects for homes, businesses, restaurants, the list goes on.



Do you like working with your hands, do you like making things, can you share your talent and at the same time earn some extra money? People are grabbing up hand made quality constructed items (craftsmanship is big right now) such as all types of jewelry, toys, games, home decor items, yard decor, all types of wood, metal and glass, clothing items, any type of  hand made items. You can sell them at craft shows, flea markets, through your own website, or try Etsy.






If you have a facebook account or blog you can sell digital products that your followers might be interested in.  One easy place to signup for free is with clickbank. There is a variety of different products to choose from. If you have knowledge or expertise in a certain area, another option with Clickbank is to write your own Ebook and promote it on Clickbank. This is a great opportunity where other individuals sell your product and you decide how to split the profits.



Tax season rolls around every year and everyone is scrambling to get their taxes done as soon as they can to get that big fat refund. If you enjoy doing taxes you can make some excellent money. The walk in places that pop up every year that claims to have tax experts charge hundreds of dollars for a simple return and they work with an online software service that does the majority of work. People are making serious money doing tax preparation for others. Check it out






For all of you car lovers, how about starting your own auto detailing and auto cleaning services. Not only can you offer services to individuals you can contact new and used car dealerships, small used car lots, race tracks, car shows and the list goes on.  People  spend a lot of money on their vehicles and will pay to have their cars hand washed, waxed  and detailed to their specifications





In any of these business ideas, if money is super tight on your end, you can request an advance down payment to purchase whatever supplies, accessories,  specialized products you might need to provide the specific service.



Having a proven list of small business ideas  and knowing where and how to begin is a must…

no matter where or what your starting point is, just get started.


Okay, I saved the best for last…check it out


Doing some sort of business on the internet is a fantastic opportunity, will continue to grow and when you put your creative thinking into gear the options are endless.   Check out The Laptop Millionaire  This book has great reviews, will give you step by step strategies to have you making money online and offers the tools you need to succeed.

The best part is that you can get started right away, parttime or if you can swing it go full time and you can earn while growing your business.



Never Stop Learning…Angela


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  1. Kenny Lee

    I’m not really good with my hand, except working on electronics, I haven’t really explored Etsy and it’s probably due to this. I could probably try my luck on e-book. I’m just currently getting my hang on blogging. I think I could try to transition into e-book. I prefer to do something that doesn’t involve trading my time for money indefinitely.

    1. Angela

      Hey Kenny,

      Working on an e-book sounds like the right move for you in your life right now. Make sure it is a popular niche and get the word out. Come back and visit often



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