A Thought For The Day, Good or Bad?

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thPSVWE8WZAt times it seems that the world is filled with no rational sense. The harsh realities of life hits some harder than it hits others.  We all have thoughts that run through our heads continuously. The type of thoughts you have and what to do with those thoughts makes all the difference on the perception of your life and it can possibly affect a mass amount of people no matter if those thoughts are positive or negative actions.

A thought for the day can mean many things to different people, it all depends on your individualized perception that formulates in your mind.

Here is an excellent thought quote by motivational speaker Tom Krause that I wanted to pass onto you today:


“Today is not just any ordinary day. Today is a day that matters. Today you will have the choice to make a difference in your life and those around you. Today you will have the choice to smile rather than frown, be grateful rather than selfish, lift up rather than put down, accept rather than reject and love rather than hate. Today you will have the choice of seeking hope for the future or remain in the hopelessness of the past. Today you have the choice to laugh or cry. Both will make you feel better. Today you will have the undivided attention of the King of the Universe. At that time you can ask Him anything you want. You can ask for help, plead for a friend or just enjoy His presence. It all depends on you. Whichever you choose, today matters. Make the choice to make it a day worth living. And don’t forget, tomorrow is another day.”   Copyright © 2015 Tom Krause


To me this is a million dollar quote, something to live by! So where do your thoughts  tend to take you?




Here are just a few  twists on the thought process for you to consider as you  go through your day:

Do you allow yourself more positive than negative thoughts?

Do you tend to over extend your thinking and let it go wild until it gets out of control?

Do you allow others to control your life? Or are you in control of your thoughts?

When something bad happens do you tend to blame others or perhaps even yourself. Or do you figure out how to turn a bad situation into a good and positive outcome?



Learn to work with your thoughts to change your outcome:

What will it be, negative self talk, or positive self talk?

Do a self determination and evaluation on yourself, are your thoughts putting you in the direction you want to go?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep your health, mind and soul in the best condition that you can

Surround yourself with positive people avoid the negative mind set that pulls you down and keeps you in a bad state

Learn to make changes. So many people have a fear of change, keeping things always the same will prevent your personal growth and will not allow you to achieve any type of success.thGGETUG2H

Examine and make good choice involving your priorities

Be strong and use the abilities that were given to you

Keep learning and expanding your knowledge

Start small by focusing on one improvement at a time, learn to grow your expectations

Your thoughts, positive or negative, can set the stage for a future that holds wonderful opportunities, if you allow it to drain you, can keep you in a life of misery

When your state of mind is in an optimistic lifestyle you will be better off to handle stress and be more constructive in your thinking, leading to a better future

Studies have shown that positive thoughts each day leads to better attitudes, more success, reduces stress, leads to less health issues,  a happier life, and a longer life span


Your ultimate goal is to take each day, use a thought for the day, make the day the best you possibly can and in the end take the thoughts of your mindset and learn how to exceed the power within you to change your destiny.


I Can. Therefore, I Will.


Does your thoughts allow you to have this type of thinking? This type of power?… It should!


Challenge Yourself!

Having a thought for the day, and I am referring to the positive ones, begins with a good mental mindset. Maintaining any type of positive thoughts can make a dramatic change  not only in your life, but it can also rub off to others.  So here is your challenge – perhaps you can help one other person to  change their negative thought pattern into a positive attitude?  Challenge yourself and see what happens!



Recommended source:  check out Carolyn Hansen’s story. She will show you how to take your “a thought for the day” routine and completely be able to change your awareness as to where your life is right now and to ultimately master and control your future.





                                       Recommended source:   If you just looking for your daily inspirational quotes, take a look at  Mustard Seeds.  

This is a  book of brief passages for each day of the year to help you think, reflect, ponder, and pray. This book will help you to see the person you are and the person you can become. Open your heart and mind, and your life will change gracefully.

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  1. Mike

    Thank you for sharing this information that sometimes is so obvious, natura and simple; yet we somehow forget about it almost always. We spend most of our time regretting the past or doing actions towards the future. While the former is just bad and the latter one is good with moderation, we REALLY need to learn to enjoy the present. Repeat after me guys: Live the present. The moment.

    “What’s your favorite day?” “Today.”

    1. Angela

      Thanks Mike, Does anyone else out there have the same opinion? How do we get more people to make changes in their lives??


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