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thHF3F3PL0 If you are the type of person that is organized, loves to be detailed oriented, has a knack for entertaining and you really enjoy socializing with people then a party event planning service business can give you a great opportunity to run your own business and have a highly profitable income source.

In this billion dollar industry a definite area you need to take into consideration are the type of clients you want to focus on.

Would you want to plan out events more for the business world or for the social world?

Obviously the corporate world including  non profit organizations, will have a need to sponsor more professional business type events such as company meetings, trade shows, conferences, and large business gatherings,

Since the numbers can run into the hundreds even thousands for corporate events, a good option would be to grab small businesses, or corporations that have a need for a small scale planner, when perhaps their plans are for a small gathering, last minute needs and attention to details.



Social events for smaller businesses and individuals,  gives the event planner a large variety of opportunities such as birthdays, family reunions, sporting events, wedding receptions, children’s parties, specialized private parties, garden parties, retirement parties and the list is endless.

The party planner, working with their client to pick a niche or theme, has to be able to work out the details of what is expected, what the needs of the group will be, and has to have the capabilities to pull it all together in a strict time frame.



Pros of event planning: thW8XWBK5V

  • You can pick and choose what type of events you want to handle
  • If you love parties and people, this is the right business for you
  • If you can easily follow directions from others, express yourself, totally organize and pull everything together in a certain time frame, this is for you.
  • People do not have the time to plan their own parties or do not know how to  organize such parties or pull off a successful results
  • This could quite possibly turn into a repeat business
  • Income can run from fees of 16.00 an hour up to $150 an hour taking into consideration the type of party, your experience, the demands of the client. With some events, on top of the hourly fees, a percentage of the suppliers fees is added on to the total.



Cons of event planning:


  • This is not your typical 8 – 5 Monday through Friday job, your hours and days will vary for each event
  • You will be at the mercy of your client who could demand specific high pressure  needs and results
  • You will need to educate yourself on the best sources, the best practices, the likes and dislikes, the demands of corporations and individuals.



The Best News about Event Planning:


People are turning to organized and professional event planners for all types of occasions and when you offer the best options they will call you again and again for your services.


To get on the fast track to building your business and gaining immediate details of what, how, and why you should be getting into this business, I suggest you get your own copy of the “World Class Event Planning Secrets”  by Evelyn Rogers. 

Evelyn gives you a highly functional step by step plan to have your own profitable event planning business.

Evelyn even admits that “there are some really amazing little tricks that are kept under lock and key by the world’s richest event planners, and for good reason…they don’t want their secrets to get out!”

She spills the beans and offers excellent advice and very workable success tips, such as:

  • Learning how to find all the clients that you want
  • How to get top dollar on every job
  • How to motivate your clients  to keep them coming back time and time again
  • How to attract new clients like a magnet
  • Make more money than your competitors



Find out how “The One Thousand Dollar” advantage will help you to succeed in the Party Event Planning Service


1. The One Thousand Dollar Question that will get your foot in the door, while most other event planners can’t even get themselves noticed.

2. The One Thousand Dollar Word that instantly wins a client over and actually causes them to convince themselves that your prices are the bargain of the century!

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In the party event planning service business the request can be high at times, but most of your clients will be looking for quality, an all around good time and fond memories of their gathering. So if you are organized, detailed, personable, and have the desire to help others, then you will succeed with this in demand, high profit business.


Never Stop Learning…Angela




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  1. Matthew

    Event planning sounds like it can have a lot of freedom yet also be very stressful at times which is expected when having orders from someone. I have to admit, it does strike an interest in me, the training package look like excellent value for the money and have bookmarked your site for the future.
    I love your pros and cons as well, its really helped me understand both sides of this job.

    1. Angela

      Yes I agree that event planning can be very stressful, since your clientele want everything to be perfect and will be depending on the event planner to pull everything together. This type of business is definitely for someone that is well organized and can directions from others.

      Best of luck to you



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