9 Successful Time Management Strategy Tips For Spinning Wheels

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time management, time management strategies, time management techniques The majority of people are not organized individuals, have no understanding or control on how their time is spent, and at times literally waste their precious time each and every day, almost like lost souls that keep spinning their wheels and not getting things done. If this sounds like your lifestyle then I would like to share a variety of successful time management strategy tips to improve your life and get a better handle on where your time goes each day.

How can you be successful and fully understand how to manage your time if you are not organized and your time is not

spent to the best of all capabilities?  I am talking of personal organization in all aspects. Your own hectic life, everything about the home, your finances, your mind and your way of thinking, your work and business area and your all around daily habits.


Sure you have to use your time for family, home and work issues, but even people that are in “your bubble” will use your time in inappropriate areas if you allow it to happen.



Are you drowning in “to do” lists? Is your house and work area disorganized, do you put off doing tasks just because you run out of time by the end of the day? Is your life consumed and your time taken over by people around you and wasted areas such as spending too much time watching senseless reality shows.

effective time management strategies, time management tips for work

So how do you get a grip on managing your time better?


  1. Focus and concentration. Yes you really have to concentrate on things you need to put in perspective and figure out how to handle the issue of managing your time better.
  2. Learn to prioritize your to do list, on a daily basis, weekly and monthly basis.
  3. Have a desire to better yourself and your situation.  When your time is manageable the rest of your life will work out with advantageous.
  4. Figure out what is of importance for you and what you separate for low key and high key projects
  5. Know what is going on around you. If you are not observant you will miss out.  When you observe how others are managing their time, good and bad, you will be better able to adjust your way of thinking as to what to do or not do in your own situation.  For instance, I know some people that have errands to do and they do not put any type of plan together to save time in getting things done.  They run in one direction and then go 10 miles out of their way to grab something that could have waited. (There is a wonderful new app out called Flipp that shows all the weekly store ads for your area, check it out).
  6. Be more productive. They always say that if you want something done, then give it to a busy person.
  7. Find ways that work best for you to accomplish more in your life in less time
  8. Learn how to handle procrastinations and to avoid people that drag you down and hold you back.
  9. You need to understand what to organize, and prioritize and mostly how to handle these situations for your best outcome.

effective time management strategies, time management tips for work



Okay I can hear you saying, that is a lot of things to do, and yes it is but it all goes hand in hand with your daily time spent, how you manage your time and most importantly the personal achievements or success that you want to get out of life.
Understanding successful time management can change your workday, your life, and lead you to a achieving your goals faster.  You can take specific steps to put your life in better order and to get things done faster, with more satisfying rewards. 


  Your daily tasks will get easier once you know how to better manage your time, tasks and responsibilities.


List out your specific challenges of what you have to deal with each day. For example do you have a hard time getting up in the morning,  do you battle with the kids to get them out the door, is everyone going in different directions? Does your drive time to work take 30 minutes or more? Are you dragging yourself to work each day? Are you totally productive and handle time efficiently while at work?

I understand, you put in your 8 hours or more, making someone else rich and you run a few errands, fight the lines, and the traffic, then head home to deal with the family for the night. Yes we all do it. But you can get your life and time under control.



How can we make our time management better for our own personal lives?


  • Start out with a planner, figure out what you do in a day’s time now and what you want to accomplish.
  • Set up a system, find your own technique for dealing with issues in life
  • Overcoming obstacles while dealing with the realities of everyday living

There is not one program that would fit the needs of each individual.   We all have different lifestyles and circumstances, so you definitely have to plan our own successful time management strategy techniques that fit your needs and your goals that you want to achieve. Stop spinning your wheels and get your life together.


Recommended reading:
effective time management strategies, time management tips for work, time management
Time Management from the Inside Out, Second Edition: The Foolproof System for Taking Control of Your Schedule





effective time management strategies, time management tips for work

Find out how to control the things that happen in your daily life. How to better manage you life, mind, body and everything that drives you to higher goals.




Never Stop Learning…Angela

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  1. Farhan

    This is an excellent guide for people looking to keep their lives in order. I can’t agree with you more that organization of our time everyday is really important in order to get things done.

    All of the tips that are mentioned in this article resonated very strongly with me, and I’m sure many others would benefit from them as well.

    Great article!

    1. Angela

      Hey Farhan,

      Thanks for the comment, perhaps you can pass this along to others who might benefit from this information.

      Do you have any tips or ideas on how you manage your time, or anything you want to share with others to help them out?

      Come back and visit again,


  2. Vlad

    As a reader, I already read this book – and did indeed do wonders over time.

    Another book I would recommend is The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

    It takes a whole different perspective on time management.
    Either way, I did like the one you recommended more, but this one offers more insight on the problem itself.

    Maybe you’ll find the *time* (pun was fully intended) to read it, eh?

    Your tips were pretty solid, too!

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Angela

      for your tip, and yes I will definitely check out The Power of Full Engagement, this sounds like another wonderful for people to make the changes that they need to make in their lives.

      come back and visit often



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