9 Must Do Retirement Planning Ideas

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Developing key steps to your own financial security can be much easier when you educate yourself to utilize the basic fundamentals of the financial world, understand what you need to do and have a well laid out plan of how to get there. An excellent place to start is working with your own retirement planning ideas and developing a workable plan to get you to where you want to be in the next 10, 20 or 30 years.

I think the hardest part of achieving financial freedom and retiring in comfort is the fact that people are to busy in their everyday hectic stressed out lifestyles to even attempt the process of getting financially organized, understanding such topics as basic budgeting, investing, finances 101, and especially making that first step of getting started. Obviously taking into consideration that retirement is always the last thing people are thinking about and financial planning is put on the back burner while daily situations, bills, lack of income, family issues needs more immediate attention.

Trust me when I say that the government is not going to support you in your golden years. You have to depend solely upon yourself.

No matter what your age right now, you can make changes…it is totally up to you!

Money does make the world go around and the lack of money makes people take some desperate actions. Do not allow this to happen to you!

Here are 9 very workable, retirement planning ideas, tips and procedures you need to start doing immediately in order to make a positive turnaround in your life and prevent disaster, burdens and any type of hardships going forward into your future retirement years.

  1. Make changes…apply as many of these to your own individual life. The more you truly accomplish, you will quickly discover that success will follow:
  • take action, get out of your humdrum daily routine
  • build good habits, get rid of bad old habits ( keep doing the same thing and you will keep getting the same results)
  • get organized
  • figure out where you want to be and what you want to do, how are you going to get there?
  • have multiple streams of income
  • cut down on expenses
  • live on less then you earn
  • learn to invest for your needs
  • have a well laid out plan
  • figure out what you need to do to accomplish your goal
  • save your change, save those pennies (yes they do add up)
  • dedicate your time to building your financial future…(in other words give up the endless hours of worthless TV watching and video game playing)
  • be persistent be committed
  • learn to be frugal

2. Take any and all opportunities to relearn, reinvest, reorganize. Could this be the new 3 R’s for you to follow?

3. Figure out where your money is going, if you do not have a organized budget, get one started. Run your household like a business, have a monthly budget — revenue in, expenses out.

4. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, as you take the road to financial security you will get derailed, hit bumps in the road and have setbacks…but this is any path in life…learn to adjust.

5. For most people failure is more easier than achieving any type of goal. Success and goal attainment takes work, dedication and a serious plan to follow and maintain. There is no fast over night riches, the road to wealth will take time perhaps a few years, perhaps ten, twenty or more… it is all up to you.

6. Change your way of thinking. Commit to improving and expanding your outlook on things. Example: instead of saying “I wish I had a new car“:…. ask.” how do I get a new car”

  • change your habits. Start with such areas as: stop eating out, fast food and eating out gets quite expensive and very easy to lose track of what you have spent. Carry your lunch, plan out your meals and head to the grocery store
  • start with your spending habit, keep track of every penny you spend for the next month
  • start figuring out ways to get extra income
  • understand how to eliminate debt and cut down on expenses

7. Learn to control and improve on your discipline, on your thinking, and your actions. You make choices everyday for all different types of situations, figure out how to make excellent choices for your present situation and for building your future outcome.

8. Educate yourself to work smarter, figure out how to balance and leverage all aspects of your busy schedule,

9. Learn to network, build contacts with people who are experts in money issues, who are thinking and working for the same outcome as you are.

If you work now, you are committing 40 hours plus each and every week to someone else. What would happen if you could commit even have of this time to building your wealth status?

I tell people to look at their lives as a big jigsaw puzzle, think of all the pieces, all of the hooks, the grooves the zigzags, putting your life puzzle together will take some time and will need concentration and looking at the whole picture, visualizing what the complete picture will look like. Complete it to your satisfaction and your goals .Some will attempt to shove pieces into places where they do not belong…again bumps and distractions. For some they will finish in no time and others it might take a few years longer to complete their puzzle.

After all this said, the majority of individuals will just continue what they are doing, living paycheck to paycheck, juggling bills, borrowing from one credit card to pay the other card, making the circle of payday loan places. Really? If you do not ever make changes you will stay in this cycle and you will always struggle not ever knowing what financial security could be like for yourself and your family.

Most people are held back from the lack of knowledge and from being afraid of change.

You cannot achieve wealth or have your own quality retirement planning ideas until you know the proper money management steps to take, and commit to achieving your goals.

You have to start somewhere and advance from one point to another, taking one step at a time to reach your goal. Obviously you cannot go from being in debt to financial security in just one move or attempting to jump over a step. There is a process to go through when changing your financial situation, you will also have to be working on your own personal achievement goals.

When you start your day just remember these few reminders:

  • Ignorance and mismanagement of money will definitely cost you more money than educating yourself about financial issues
  • The longer you put off changing your habits the more money it will cost you.
  • Think about where you are spending your money and at what point are you just blindly throwing it out the window?.

How do people retire early? They understand the process of living frugally, investing more than 60% of their annual income and being able to figure out how to live off the remaining income, not spending money on unnecessary items, and living on a budget.

Earn more, live on less, invest the difference, set up your own workable financial retirement planning ideas for yourself, find a secure and solid mentor with proven methods to follow, and keep at it. Commitment and persistence will payoff for you!

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