69 part time jobs retirees can do

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Are you anxiously awaiting the time you can say that you are retired or are done working? Nowadays people are discovering an assortment of interesting part time jobs retirees can fit into their schedule and on their own terms. Seems along with providing for extra income, the baby boomer generation is now finding the health benefits of keeping active in some form of work related situations such as maintaining and keeping the body active, improving mental skills, socializing and cognitive thinking.

Are you prepared to live on a fixed income when you hit retirement years?


Why is it people seem to forget that social security was not meant to be totally relied on as the only source for retirement income, and then struggle with that one monthly lump sum?

The fact is that people near or in retirement are ALWAYS needing and  looking for extra money to make ends meet. Going into retirement is when that scary realization hits that the regular 40 hour a week income stops, and the retirement income (if any) has to start.

For those who ignore any type of financial understanding, realizing a shortage of money comes way too late after the happy “retirement party”.  Just because you retire, the fact is that the bills still come,  debt is still there (in different forms), the economy is forever changing, and living comfortably will not be a consideration if preparations are ignored.
Call it what you may, but I see it as the majority of Americans of all ages, falling into a variety of categories:

the constant battle to keep one step ahead of the bill collector

  • figuring out how to pay bills on time
  • constantly attempting to  find some type of money relief
  • using one credit card to pay the other card
  • keeping heads above the swirling waters of debt
  • the possibility of bankruptcy
  • getting out of that nasty habit of robbing peter to pay paul

Moving forward, the major shift when it comes to preparing for your future years, is finding extra sources of income, finding even part time work to supplement and offset the ever increasing living expenses, health expenses, and whatever else you may be facing.


It still takes work, commitment and creativity to increase revenue, yet it can be made easy if you know how and on your terms. Hence…part time jobs, full time jobs, do it yourself jobs, online work, starting your own business….being in control.

I can hear the gears in your brain moving right now…

How do I find a job at my age? Who would hire an older person? What skills can I contribute? What age is too old to be working? Will my health issues affect my work?


Finding answers as to what type of  part time job retirees can handle and enjoy is left to the individual of exploring their own lives, areas of interest and lifestyles.

Figuring out how you are going to supplement your income gets harder with age yet there is always ways of increasing the household income. You just need to get a different train of thought and what you can accomplish with your free time going into and after retiring.

part time jobs retirees

Can’t think of any ideas of where or how to start to get the juices flowing to get the income stream flowing?

Start with looking at your hobbies, here in lies the possibility of an assortment of ideas to get you started and then learning to expand. Here are just a few areas that I am going to throw out to you and in no specific order:

    • gardening, crafts, home repairs, history, if you live in a tourist area and you have knowledge of local points of interest you could really get creative and go in many different directions, crafts, woodworking, local flea markets and do it yourself markets.
    • For the masculine sector there is wonderful areas of home improvement avenues, the service sector holds a variety of ideas you can explore, and then there is always sports, sports and more sports.
    • Can you make stuff, design, invent?
    • Use your knowledge to give advice, to tutor, to teach an individual or a whole class
    • Being a reliable individual could come in handy,,,,, if a business is looking for someone to open the business early in the morning, such as doing prep work in a restaurant or coffee shop.
    • Hospitals, care centers, retail are  always looking for individuals to work on a part time as need basis.
    • Take into consideration freelancing, contract work, or consulting work
    • One way people are going into retirement is keeping the job they already have and by working out an agreement, cutting down on hours and going part time with their present employer. Some have the ability to work at home or work the hours that works best for both the employee and employer.

On the other end of the ordinary part time jobs retirees are incorporating in their daily lives, many free spirited individuals are asking: how do I start my own online business that I can take on the road with me? The hardest part is finding a legitimate online business to get into and working with a respectable company and or mentor.

While  working part time jobs retirees are now discovering satisfaction and are maintaining a sense of well being.

So if you still have no idea of where to start or what possibilities would work for you, check out this source:  69 post-retirement jobs that can change your life.  

Take into consideration your background, your abilities, your likes and dislikes….just get started! Remember the saying “do what you love to do and the money will follow”.

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  1. bbradd

    Part time jobs for retirees are great I think. The retired people I have come across seem to be a bit lost when they first start working. I think that is pretty natural given that they have probably been doing it for over 40 years. As well as a source of income, I think a part time job is a great way for retirees to keep active. There are some great ideas in your post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Angela

      Part time jobs for retirees and for anyone else that is looking for extra income can be fun and also keep a person young at heart. thanks for your words…hopefully others will read and re act

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