3 Great Self Made Millionaires Stories

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th663QHJ5W Do you realize and understand that you (no one else) are responsible for your own life and what happens in it?   All positive and negative energy,  the achievements, the wealth, the problems, the good, the bad, and the ugly all fall within your responsibility dimension.

Those who have found success, understand this quite well and their self made millionaires stories have

helped thousands of individuals like yourself to have the ability to  open the doors for your own success and financial wealth.


Did you know that Walt Disney was told that he lacked creativity?


Redesigning reworking a person’s ideas of wealth should include determination, having a vision, working hard yet having fun. Becoming a self made millionaire means being free from working for an impossible boss, a dead end job and especially low wages .    When you finally make the decision and discover the inner  spirit, huge opportunities will occur in your life.


Read Dani’s story how she was living in her car and hook on drugs



Many find the desire to build wealth in their earlier years instead of the later years so the money rewards can be enjoyed for a longer period of time. Yet becoming a millionaire can definitely happens at any age, especially if you get on the right track.

Most people have  been programed when it comes to getting rich, where wealthy and having riches only happens when you take “the slow road”, You know, where you invest a few dollars every payday in to a retirement account,  where you do not start seeing results of all your hard work until your later years.

And if you are committing your time to someone else (called a job) it is very possible that even with skimping, and living frugally, when you reach those so called golden years, there is a possibility that you might be faced with far less income to live on during retirement years.

It is called shaky economies, high priced items, stock markets falling, pensions and retirement accounts crashing, unstable housing market, the rise and fall of the job market.



Read about Peter Voogd, his life has been filled with success and failure, yet he shares his techniques in his book “6 Months To 6 Figures” to inspire entrepreneurs and success driven individuals to reach their own goals and financial wealth.



Read about MJ DeMarco, in his story he tells how he discovered the secret to cracking the code when it comes to achieving the fast track  millionaire status!



MJ’s  does a wonderful job of bringing his readers into the reality of having money and building a solid basis of wealth at an earlier age in comparison to later retirement years.

He talks in depth of the old fashion way of building wealth which he refers to as “get rich slow” which de describes basically as being a lifelong commitment and dependent  on such things as Wall Street, and selecting the right tools and investment strategies.   You know get a good education find a good job, put money away in a 401k, work 40 years or more and hope for the best.


Here is a great message that MJ  states in his book:

“The golden years aren’t golden at all but a waiting room for death. If you want financial freedom before the Grim Reaper hits the on-deck circle, “get Rich Slow” isn’t the answer.

If you want to retire young with health, vibrancy, and hair, you’re going to need to ignore society’s default “Get Rich Slow” roadmap and the gurus spoon-feeding you the slop in the trough


If you are going in circles on achieving any type of success or the time it takes to build your wealth, perhaps you should go back and read that message again and burn it into your brain!


 Here are just a few more tips to get your brain thinking:

  • There is a big difference of those who are always wanting things to be different, always wanting more money, and then there are those who understand what is involved and are prepared to go after their dreams
  • You have to create a plan, be prepared to work it, adjust it and keep at it until you finally reach your goal
  • Learn to make changes in yourself, the way you look at everything around you, and how problems and issues will block your path, yet you need to know how to get around those mountains of issues and knock them down to ant hills, or completely eliminate them
  • Make not only good choices but excellent choices in everything you do in your daily activities. It will affect your final outcome.  Is your home life organized?   The choices you make in your personal life will definitely affect your goals to achieve self made millionaire status.
  • Get educated, learn as much as you can, find an excellent mentor. You can continue reading as  many self made millionaires stories that you can find, or better yet you should start working on your own goals,  turn them into reality and have your own millionaire story to share with others.

Get your  own copy of the Millionaire Fastlane  and 6 Months To 6 Figures  right now and get to work!

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  1. Kym

    I love success stories! Reading how people became millionaires always inspires me. It is so true that these people are motivated, planned and driven, goals to which I aspire. Having a mentor can be so invaluable to finding success in business and in fact in any area of our lives. Thanks for your great information here.

    1. Angela

      hello kym,

      If people had even one tenth of the drive that successful people have, then they could achieve their goals. Amazingly people go through life with no attempts to make improvements in their lifestyles or to learn new things.

      thanks for the visit,



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