25 Best Ways to Eliminate and Reduce Debt

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Living on credit and drowning in debt seems to be the new normal in our crazy  society.  An over abundance of debt puts families into high levels of stress and doing unnecessary things with their hard earned money. Some people just live with the daily pressure of dealing with money issues, while others are making the effort and finding ways to reduce and eliminate debt, with the realization that being debt free is an excellent goal to achieve which turns into financial freedom.

The demands of money issues and money commitments spirals many individuals out of control, forcing people to  never actually formulate a plan on  how to recover and change for future options.   People are coming to the realization that being in debt, stressing out over bill collectors  is similar to  a severe nasty illness that never goes away unless the right action is taken.  Fighting money issues and the lack of money, will take the right medication , time and commitment to eliminate the “debt Illness”

Discovering and applying a variety of powerful tips on how to get out of debt will help you build your own personal ways to reduce and eliminate debt, and in the process build your financial future.

The desire to be debt free has to come totally from you. The commitment and dedication to completely change your money habits around has to start with you.

Are you ready for a major overhaul, do you want to be free from the “lack of money issues” that control your life?

Getting out of debt and making positive changes starts right now..

  1. You have to want to stop living in the cycle of debtth7X3VPRYT
  2. Learn to put the brakes on your debt, stop going into debt
  3. List your debts, write everything down on paper so you can see the totals
  4. Right now, starting today, put the brakes on senseless spending
  5. Spend less than you earn
  6. Find ways to earn more and increase your income
  7. Get your total money affairs in order
  8. Learn to budget, no really, put yourself on a strict budget for a year and you will see amazing results
  9. Make plans for family and for yourself on how you are going to handle things, get your spouse involved, and your kids
  10. Find alternatives to the expensive activities and vacations
  11. Eliminate the highly expensive toys, and monthly fees
  12. Commitment and dedication is probably the hardest part. Figure out how you will handle it by yourself, with your family.

Getting out of debt and staying out of debt is definitely not easy and it certainly will not happen overnight or within the next month. So, get that out of your head.


13. You have to educate and learn everything you can about personal finances, credit cards, eliminating debt, issues with your credit score and of course staying out of debt. It starts bassically with your self, improving on your finances and  making good choices

14. Discipline yourself and your family members on the proper procedures of handling money, saving money, earning more money and eventually investing your hard earned cash instead of throwing it away to the greedy loan sharks, overpriced services that you now deal with, such as higher percentage rates, excessive fees and overpriced products and services.

15. Get the materialism, the designer products out of your system and learn to do on less.

16. Get started, list all of your debts, (I said ALL of your debts, even the ones you hide from your spouse). Include the total amounts, the interest rates, the minimum amounts, how long it would take you if you stick to the minimum. (your credit card bill should have this listed, if not call and ask, this might really shock you)

17.  Make your own plan, what works for one person will not always work for someone else

18.  Track your spending, yes every penny you spend each and every day, keep it in your phone, record it when you get home, keep a little notepad on you. You will be surprised at how much you spend on “not really needed” items and impulse items.

19.  Find all the free help you can, such as a debt repayment calculator, take a class, read a book!

20.  Put yourself on a debt diet.  To lose weight you would basically cut down on calories going in and include exercise to burn those unwanted pounds, of course the hardest part is staying on the diet. Do the same with your debt. Right now today, stop adding more debt to your bottom line, and pay down more debt each month than the minimum amount listed.

Dave Ramsey demonstrates great results with the snowball effect of paying the smallest balance first, when that is paid off then use that amount and add it to your next debt amount. Families are getting the ball rolling and are achieving workable techniques to pay down debt at faster speeds than they ever thought possible.

21. At the same time you still need to build some sort of an emergency fund just in case something does break down or an issue pops up. (and it always does).

22. If you can, refinance your mortgage for a lower rate, and find credit cards with  lower interest rates.

23. Think twice about using debt consolidation companies. They charge their fees according to what your debt is, they get paid first and have the habit of paying small amounts (if any) to your creditors, and then your credit is ruined even  more than when you started with them. Honestly you can do it yourself by contacting and working with the credit companies that you owe.

24. Learn to keep excellent records and details of all of your bills, who you talked with, and your estimated dollar amounts

25. Put together a long range vision of where you want to be.

 Find ways to make extra money.  Remember this is to pay down your debt to eliminate your bills, and to get you on the road to financial freedom. Earning extra income is not for you to go out and buy the newest and biggest ticket item.

Keep replaying it in your head that you are on a debt diet, to make quality positive changes in your life and to transform your finances once and for all.

Thousands of people that are already on their own diet debt are achieving great results when they plan, work and find a variety of ways to eliminate and reduce debt.

Some excellent places to start your own personal debt diet and improve your financial outlook starts right here:

Your Money or Your Life, 

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Personal Finance & Budgeting Software

Debt Management, How To Get Out of Debt Fast


Your very first step is to take any of these debt elimination tips, get over the procrastination and just get started.  Discover for yourself ways to reduce and eliminate debt, learn to push yourself, make positive changes to finally be debt free and have financial freedom

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  2. Paul


    I see you laid your content well, I also have problems with my debts and as of now, I usually am avoiding those people that wants me to pay it. I really appreciate your ideas to help me be free of them. Glad to have crossed path with your article. Thanks

    1. Angela

      Hey my friend you are not alone, I myself use to be deeply in debt with over $40,000 just in credit card debt. I fought a very hard battle and it took me almost 10 years, but I DID IT !! That is why I am spreading the word of saving for retirement and getting out of debt. It certainly will not happen over night and you can not give up the battle. Achieving this goal for myself was wonderful and it will be for you too, just keep at it. Come back and visit often


  3. Kim Gattari

    I really like the look of your site and the information. Your advice will help a lot of people who have gotten themselves into debt. The list of 25 things you can do to start eliminating debt is well thought out and full of information.
    Some questions I have:
    What advice would you give to a person who does most of the stuff listed in the 9 ways to find extra money but has a spouse that does not see the big deal in paying late fees?
    What advice would you give to someone who is in debt beyond their means? How does someone like that save for a rainy day fund?
    By the way, love that you use advice from Dave Ramsey, he is amazing!
    Have a great day!

    1. Angela

      Hello Kim,

      I see it all the time that people just consider paying late fees and paying extremely high interest on credit cards, and payday loans, just part of their routine and they treat it as a monthly bill. Somehow these people have to get it through their heads, the cost they are paying out. Did you hear what I just said, ….they have to understand and get it through THEIR heads, the extra cost they are paying out. Unfortunately many many people are in this situation.

      One thing that could be done if is one spouse takes total control of the bills and perhaps put the “blind” spouse on an allowance?? Has anyone else done this? I know that it works for some couples.

      Continue to read Dave Ramsey also check out his short videos https://youtu.be/bU7HEIs3IWw

  4. Chris Towers

    There is some great advice here and we can all use being a little more out of debt and in the money.

    A lot of people do seem to overstretch themselves and when it comes to trying to recover it is an uphill struggle.

    Thanks for all the ideas here. I will take some on board and I am sure your site here will help a lot of people!



    1. Angela

      Hey Chris, I am glad you enjoyed the information that I have here. I just think our society is so much into being in debt and charging things, it has become a way of life. My goal is to spread the word of keeping updated on personal finances, controlling and eliminating debt. I realize it is a long road but I am doing my part. Com back and visit often.



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