23 Reasons Why A Home Budget Worksheet Is Vital

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thF25X7KXZ The majority of families in this fast paced, stressed out world have different views on how to handle their monthly income that is coming in.   

The majority are still spending carelessly with no planning for future outcomes, no emergency backup plans, not knowing why they are always broke.

Most have cut down on overspending their hard earned money, but they are still in the living paycheck to paycheck daily routine. They are caught in a web of debt issues and cannot seem to get ahead.

And some are  making an effort to understand their money situation. They are taking into consideration the advantages of working with a yearly, monthly and even a daily home budget worksheet  to fit their needs. They understand where their money is going and will make every attempt to be in more control of their entire money situation.

For most people budgeting is not a word that is heard around the household. Statistics show that only about 30% of individuals or households will have an actual budget plan that they follow on a regular basis.

What category do you fit in? You can discover where and why you are leaking money, understand where your money is going and be able to save money when working with a home budget worksheet and a responsible monthly budget plan. Individuals and families are finding all sorts of ways to maintain and control their money when they have the proper knowledge and tools that are right for their situation.



  1.  It allows you to better understand your income, how hard you work for your money

2.  It allows you to take control of your bills and understand monthly interest charges, excessive fees such as late fees, over the limit fees, even having a low credit score will cost you more in the long run

3.  You can stabilize your personal and household finances

4.  It helps you set goals and achieve those goals in



5.  Spending money with no tracking of where it is going

6.  Spending money on unneeded items, lotteries, expensive coffees, unbelievable monthly auto loan payments, on unneeded purchases all around, overpriced living arrangements, extremely high vacations

7.  Feel they do not earn enough to have the guidance of a financial expert

8.  Not planning for future years including retirement years when the work money stops coming in

9.  Having more arguments with spouses and family members, especially when only one person is responsible for the household finances

10. Lost souls who don’t realize that having your own simple worksheet method, will improve your standards of living and allow you to be more in control of your outcome.



When you make a budget & stick with your budget, you will be more in

control of your life and the direction it is going.



11. Your goals will be achieved

12. You will get your debt under control or completely eliminated

13. You will have money in the bank

14. You will be building a retirement fund

15. You will be in control of your money (IT IS YOUR Money, don’t allow your bills to overtake you & dictate as to how you should live).




16. Start recording what you spend on a daily basis, and where you spend it (this could be a shHome Budget Worksheetocker)

17. Look for ways to spend less

18. Look for ways to consolidate items or services. What fees or services can you completely eliminate?

19. Look for ways to cut down on household items

20. Find ways to boost your income. How about starting a small business from your home?

21. Figure out a way to start saving some money for emergencies

22. Get the whole family involved. You cannot save money when everyone else is…..

  • in the “give me” mode or
  • the “I need it now” temper tantrum mode or
  • “I’ll let you handle the bills and the household issues”

23. Start your own personal improvement goal to save yourself some money. Doing such things as stop smoking, stop spending excessive amounts on lotteries, stop eating junk food, stop eating out, the shopping sprees, (you know what I am talking about).


What does your plans include? I can hear you now,

“I don’t have a budget or any future money plans”….Really?



Plan out your year, make a 5 year, 10 year, 30 year plan of where you want to be, and figure out how you are going to get there. THEN plan out your retirement, and I am saying this because with the longevity of the human race now, people need to plan and save for the retirement phase of their lives which could most possibly last for 30 plus years!


Do you, or will you have enough money saved for your retirement to include all the issues that come with it? Such as cost of living, health issue costs, lack of social security, and remember emergencies still happen during those retirement years.  


And PLEASE  don’t tell me you are going to the  (legalized loan sharks) …oops, I mean the, Payday Cash Advance places to get money? Do you know the 3 digit percentage rates they use and once you are in the system for people on a fixed income it is virtually impossible to get out of these places.  That is why you absolutely need a monthly budget and you need the ability to stick with that budget plan.

No really, figure out how much you are spending in a week’s time in your regular buying routine and that money could be put towards paying down debt!



Do you see why organizing, and working a Home Budget Worksheet on a monthly basis is vital to have quality financial success in your life?


You make plans, you make budgets and stick to it, or you just keep winging it, struggling and in the end going no where.

 Keeping and maintaining a Home Budget worksheet on a monthly basis is vital to reaching your achievements and having a secure future and retirement. What are you going to do about it?

You can find worksheets and more budgeting information with these quality products:



The Home Budget Workbook that allows you to easily track all of your expenses




The A5 Budget / Finance/ Money Planner  –  is detailed but very simple to use, you can track daily, weekly or monthly on your income and bills with no problems






Get on the right track with this Budgeting For A Purpose Guideline to help you get your finances and budget in order.  



You can find many more sources of worksheets and budget books just by clicking any of these sources.



Happy Budgeting…and Never stop learning. Angela











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  1. Wendy

    I love your article on making a home budget and getting the whole family involved. My husband and I have a monthly budget but we don’t discuss it with the kids. You are so right about the kids begging for items that are needed immediately! My husband has a t-shirt that says: “My kids think I am an ATM.” What is worse is that it was purchased for him by our son!

    Do you have suggestions for what should be included in a 5 year budget? We have never done one of those and it would be nice to try.

    1. Angela

      I can totally relate to your story about the ATM. I have a friend by the name of Amy. She is always telling her kids. “my name is spelled A.M.Y. not A.T.M”. Yes more people need to get with a budget and also share that information with their kids (and spouse for those who do not get involved). Using a budget would make things a lot easier.

      Thanks for the visit.



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