201 Quick Money Making Ideas

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thDZ37C0YC Short on cash and the refrigerator just died? Your paycheck was not as much as what you thought it would be? People always seem to be wishing for a money tree, but that just doesn’t work out. But hold on, there are ways to raise cash in a few days when you know how to use an assortment of quick money making ideas, and when you combine what would fit in best with your time frame and your interests.

Be positive in your actions, you most certainly can avoid any illegal situations or any of those (outrageous cash advance) places when you start thinking creatively and

put yourself into action.


Here are some great ideas to get started making money quickly:


Performing a personal service for a family member, friend, a neighbor or even getting the word out to the people in your area that you have a service that you can offer such as: babysitting, house cleaning, personal driver, yard work.

I know a lady by the name of Susan who spent a few hours each day with an elderly neighbor who lived by herself. Her son lived out of state and needed someone to check on his mother. Susan was happy to spend a few hours visiting and helping out, and the son was more than happy to pay Susan for her time with his mother.


Some people are finding things around the house that they can quickly sell or even put up for hock at a local pawn shop.



People are having yard sales, and  garage sales, another great option that people are using is selling unused items on Craigslist. Millions of people buy and sell items on a monthly basis, bringing in fast cash and on the other hand find great deals.
The scrap metal business is big as these scrap yards are finding buyers and unique ways to recycle all types of aluminum and scrap metal. People are going back to an era of the local junk man where they will pick up and type of metal products, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, any type of unusable metal pieces, and of course aluminum cans. Have you ever wonder what all those bars and restaurants do with their cans?  Go ahead and ask them.


It may sound disgusting but people are thHUA4P2XCcleaning up in the dog #2 business. Yep, you can do the dirty work that some dog owners do not want to take care of. Find a few good customers and schedule cleanup times a few times a week. The word will spread and your business will grow. Perhaps you could even start your own fertilizer business??



Check out being a personal driver and get connected with a place like Uber. I know a lady who drives in a big city and all she does is pick up people before and after professional games. She told me just the other day that she is making $75.00 an hour on game days!

She loves to drive around the city, she sets her own hours and she is providing a service to keep people from driving after having too much to drink.

Another female Uber driver will only drive people to and from the airport, she does it a few times a week and since she covers a 60 mile radius, she is making her weekly cash that she needs.


Keep to a basic service, and you can still make some good cash


th6VB6VQ84 Depending on the time of the year, you can offer grass cutting services, pool cleaning, in the autumn time in my location there are plenty of leaves to rake and of course in winter get out that shovel or better yet if you have a truck find an inexpensive plow. Then all you have to do is start pushing around that white stuff.  Older residence are always looking for someone to do basic work around their homes, no matter what season it is


If you know older people around your area, ask them if they need help cleaning up, cleaning out their homes.  Here is your chance to hold garage sales  or sell items on  Ebay and you keep any commission that you and the homeowner agree upon.


Some medical centers or larger universities will on occasion look for volunteers to partake in their research projects.  Depending on the circumstances, some places will offer to pay their volunteers or give them free services in other areas, such as medical checkups, free dental work. Just make sure you know what type of research work you are getting involved in.   


Figure out ways to earn extra cash instead of borrowing it:


Do not go to the cash advance, the payday places, a very high majority of individuals think they can pay them back in their next pay period but it never works that way, and then they get stuck in the cycle of continually borrowing from these places and chances are it will turn into more than one place you are loaning from.  Check out the extremely high interest fees that are involved.

Don’t spend your last dollar on the lottery tickets, your chances of getting hit by lightning are much better than hitting the big one. 

 Avoid the credit card scene if at all possible, stop piling up the debt, (wouldn’t it be great to have cash in hand instead of always fighting to pay those bills?

There are plenty more  quick money making ideas all around you.

You can actually find more than 200 ideas to get you thinking.




Learn to be aware of things that are going on, how you can offer a service,  where you can fix a problem for someone or turn a situation around by your “know how”. You will benefit from it and so will the people you come into contact with.  

Don’t wait until you actually run out of money, start coming up with ideas right now. You can save extra money for an emergency fund or a retirement fund.  Are you understanding what I am saying here?


Never Stop Learning….Angela


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