17 Passive Income Ideas For A Solid Future

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I have come to realize that my goals and achievements pertain not only to myself but also involves others in this world.  I have set personal desires  to open doors of possibilities, set daily goals even small achievements that can make a difference toward my future.  Then I also want to show ways of opening doors not only for myself but also for others in the form of passive income ideas for a solid financial future. Hopefully in the end result it allows people to see the possibilities to enhance their lives and enjoy a more enriched type of lifestyle.

Some people realize early on the benefit of investing and saving to build a passive income to receive benefits in later years. And then others never quite reach the status of being financially secure. passive

Passive income is money that comes from something that you take the time to build. Rewards are built up over time and in the end your money is working for you instead of you working for money.

There are different ways of going about having passive income in your life. It could come from owning and operating a business, dealing with investments, or having real estate properties.

So how do you go about determining how, when and what type of passive income could possibly work in your life?  Here are a few things to take into consideration

  • Determine your goals, determine your likes and dislikes, stay committed to achieving positive results
  • Work with a network of individuals that give you the help and advise that you seek.
  • Look for opportunities, make good things happen, grab every chance you can and learn to grow those opportunities and chances into positive changes
  • What is your passion. Is it investments, real estate? How about business related skills? What knowledge or expertise can you offer to the world? To a specific group, to the next generation? What niche or speciality can you expand on?
  • Building a passive quality income can offer freedom, success and gratification if done correctly.. Yet knowing where and how to start usually for most people is staring up at that big mountain, that for some personal reason they can never climb over, get around or tunnel through it.

The world is still full of opportunities you just need the ability to find that thing that will work for you, committ to it and work it.

th6V6YXQWEYou could get involved in any topic, hobby or interest, here are just 17 areas  to get you thinking in the right direction:

  food, books, babies, self improvement, service business, clothes, sports, blogging, going green, computers (HUGE), specific groups, health (again a HUGE area to spread out to other topics) making extra money, security, cooking, writing, consultant.


Actually building your own business towards passive income follows the idea of, find a need and fill it.  Give it a twist from what other individuals are offering, cater to the needs of individuals or specific groups. (Besides a business, the other two major areas of passive income is investments and real estate).

People are always in need of something, hungry for all types of information, improvements, making their lives less complicated. The trick is to offer quality products that will benefit those who are seeking help in a certain area or niche.  Whatever you choose, learn to turn it into passive income.

You need to have your money work hard for you.


Anytime you have to trade your personal time for a measly income – that is called work or a job (just over broke). Would you rather work for yourself  or keep losing your precious time working  for someone else.

So admit it. Right now you are giving up 40 hours or more each week to make your employer money, slaving away for 30 to 40 years for a meager wage, for little or no pension and always having the fear of getting laid off or losing that job and getting displaced.  So why can’t you reverse the situation and learn to make more money for yourself and your family.

Developing your own passive income ideas for a better tomorrow, can better be explained as: a true set it up, work it, build it correctly, forget it and then benefit from it, plan of opportunities.

You have to determine the value of your time and any financial income your future goals may hold.

Passive income does not hold you to any geographic commitment. Yes it can be learned and developed by anyone at any age….you just need to know the correct buttons to push.    th3GFVNG5Q

You could discover the world of passive income. There are many different avenues involved different doors to open and of course hundreds of opportunities that could change your life if done properly.

Once you find your secret door you can open that up to find a variety of passive income opportunities that will work for you.

What door will you pick?  Now it is totally up to you, do you continue doing what you have always been doing, going nowhere, stuck in your debt cycle, never taking changes, or will you discover a new way of life, a  world of passive income ideas for a chance to have a better tomorrow

Passive income means freedom, find the way to work smarter. Making good choices does pays off….get started right now, continue reading

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  1. Mike

    Great Piece,
    I now know that I would like to look further towards the goals of passive income. I will look into the site that you recommended.

  2. David

    For most people, the way to earn money is spelled JOB. Understanding the principle of passive income is vital if you are to move beyond the 9-5 daily grind. You provide some great ideas of niches for beginning small businesses. Of course, as you point out, real estate and investments are another way to go. For the most part, it’s those willing to invest the time and thought to build a business that reap the financial rewards.

    1. Angela

      yes starting, and maintaining your own business does take a lot of work and commitment. Hopefully people will start to understand this and do something about their future plans.

  3. Jess

    Really great information on passive income ideas! These are great ideas to help retirees add to their monthly income. I think many people are struggling with having enough money to retire with.

    The seventeen ideas for niches that you listed are an excellent start. It really gets me thinking. I love your suggestion of real estate for passive income, what other investments would you suggest?


    1. Angela

      Well besides the real estate, starting a small business around your hobby or interest is always a good place to start and grow. Like they say, “do what you love and the money will follow” . May interest is getting more people involved in their own hobbies and to grow into a business to supplement their income. So where do we begin?

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