15 Tips on Tiny House Floor Plans

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Gone is the day of the enormous house status that people dreamed of owning, and the lucky ones once did until the economy went south back in 2008. Now people are still on the mend trying to recover from loss investments, jobs being slashed, loss of homes, mostly due to issues from foreclosure, recovery from money situations, and having to literally start over.

The trend now in the housing market is to down size to small houses, the up and coming vibrant small house movement has well laid out tiny house floor plans with very limiting footage averaging around 200 to 800 square feet replacing those tremendously unneeded over sized monsters of homes. Does living in that small amount of square feet excite you or sound impossible? Perhaps you should check out the small house movement.

Tiny houses give people a wonderful opportunity of down sizing, restructuring, reorganizing

  1. allowing individuals and couples a great opportunity of home ownership
  2. keeping people from taking on more debt
  3. allowing people to pay off debt and mountain of bills
  4. finding fantastic rewards and living a more simpler lifestyle

An amazing amount of foreclosures in 2008 (and still to this day) demonstrates how a backward slide in the economy could possibly devastate a family again in the future. Troubling is the fact that over 3 million homeowners lost ownership of family homes, and was forced to start over, move in with family members and attempt to pick up the broken pieces. Many are still finding it difficult to handle money issues and to get ahead due to the outrageous cost of everything.

Rearranging and vastly improving your financial future can definitely be done if you take on the task of downsizing and moving from a overpriced, over burdened huge house and move yourself and/or your family into a tiny house.

Making the transition from a huge house to a tiny house will take some commitment and a lot of change.

The good aspect of a tiny house is that it is less of an upkeep headache, and:

  1. your mortgage will be substantially less, insurance cost would be slashed
  2. utility bills will definitely end up being a fraction of what you are now shelling out
  3. very minimal cost and less time spent, freeing up more time you can spend else well, enjoying life
  4. you could literally move your house if and when you wanted

A friend recently shared his satisfaction with me as he described how he discovered the wonderful and amazing details of some very workable tiny house floor plans that can work for him and quite possibly can for you as well. His plans include to eliminate his larger home, and as he calls it “get a small” and retire in comfort!

Looking for tiny house plans for your own personal needs, should cover such areas as:

  1. interior design including a specific, well design floor plan
  2. understanding exact details of how and why things are laid out in a certain manner
  3. what is the most important aspect when looking for and investing in a tiny house
  4. do’s and don’ts of exterior design to keep to your own liking
  5. understanding storage is an important part of the floor plan
  6. getting practical and being able to use every nook and cranny
  7. how to truly enjoy small house living

Do you want to continue with an expensive home, including the outrageous cost involved, the upkeep, the unknown expenses or would you prefer to do what millions are now doing and finding comfort and happiness in a smaller home with a fraction of the cost of owning a larger 2,000 5,000, 10,000 square foot of constant headache.

It seems to be all the rage going forward into the future, people are giving up the materialistic life style and enjoying a easy going, less stressful life.

I think if you decide to go with a tiny house, you just found the extra money you will probably need to set up your retirement or to supplement your monthly income, or even retire earlier than expected!

Now you have to decide… you can pick from over 200 designs for your own tiny house floor plansdoing a comparison of building or purchasing, a permanent site or on wheels, where to begin, the best design that works for you!

For example, Tom and Shaye have built their own tiny house, they share their knowledge and the experience they have had with the likes of strawbale houses, cob houses, adobe houses, rammed earth homes, and tiny trailers. You can examine their floor plans and see magnificent pictures, of the stylish, comfortable well laid out tiny house that they are so proud to display and talk about.

They share some tiny little details that I would never have thought about, they disclose every single detail and cost of building what they call “Lucy” and it includes fantastic pictures and their tiny house floor plans which has a gathering place that can sit 8 people comfortably, a fantastic way of bringing the outdoors in, a very functional kitchen and work station, plenty of creative storage areas, a cozy and comfortable sleeping loft and believe it or not a full size shower.

Thousands of individuals and couples are finding enjoyment and satisfaction with their downsizing decision. So could a tiny house fit into your everyday lifestyle?


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  1. Daniel

    Wow. Very detailed! You have posted so much and stayed dedicated to quality content throughout! Especially enjoyed how to budget on food. This speaks to me on a personal level haha. Great tips that I will now take with me to limit my spending. Being a foody it will be a task staying away from restaurants! Very detailed, congrats

    1. Angela

      Well thanks for those wonderful comments, but were you referring to my entire website or my article on “How To Budget On Food” ? Either way, I’m glad you took the time on my site, and enjoyed some of my articles ! Come back and visit often

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