15 early retirement tips

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Dealing with money issues can be a heavy burden for most people. Never getting out of a vicious circle of debt or never achieving the status of wealth stability can have disastrous life results for people even without them realizing how it will affect their lives. Unfortunately coming to the realization of developing, working  and committing on early retirement tips  is unthinkable to the vast numbers of people who will continue to struggle with money issues.

retirement tipsAre you aware that your wealth is determined by your habits? How you handle your money, your life habits, even readjusting your daily activities will make dramatic life changes for yourself if done properly.  Habits are critical in the form of giving you an unbelievable advantage if you decide to make quality changes or just keep doing the same thing that you have always done, going around in circles.

People who learn to control and manage their money have a future expectation of achieving millionaire status. So what you need to do is learn to have good money habits. Small essential but positive money habits, kept intact over a long period of time can, with the magic of compound interest, create wealth.

what early retirement tips are you taking advantage of and developing into  successful life habits that will work best for you?


  1. Start with daily habits of cutting down on careless spending . Learn to save whatever and whenever you can.  Learn to control your expenses, it is never too late to start saving money. Learn proper techniques to save money, then save more money. save every penny.1427395385007-1223
  1. Learn to eliminate unnecessary expenses. Do you need all of those extra TV channels? Do you need to be making a huge car payment? Can you trade in that car for another car with a much lower monthly payment?  What about unnecessary  extra fees, subscriptions, dumb mistakes and things you can do without, (that daily $5.00 latte, that pack of cigarettes)

3.Learn to spend less than you make and take what you have saved and invest it.

Spend less than what is coming in, learn to live on less then you make.  If you spend everything you have on useless things, obviously you have nothing to show except spinning your wheels again.

  1. Make it a daily habit of thinking and finding ways to increase your income, your learning capacity, which in turn will lead to increasing your future financial potential.
  2. Start with small changes, make positive changes, find the training and education that will work for you. Work on it every single day.
  3. Learn to be accountable on a daily basis to yourself and to your finances.

7 Find a way to get out of debt, kick it out the window, blow it up, pay it off.

8  Give up the “I want, I want” mentality. Figure out what your need, what you can do without. Get out of the “must have” materialism world.

9 Fools spend mindlessly and fools do not prosper, do not be a fool.

10 Learn to budget, get on a budget, stay on a budget, learn to handle money, get on a plan and stay there.

  1.  Get rid of the credit cards and learn to pay cash for things or use a debit card where you have to have the cash available. Using credit will only lead to spending up to 40% more than if you pay with cash. (Here you go again,  just figuring that you will pay it later). Then later comes and the money is not there to pay it off. Again stuck in that vicious circle.

12 Have a plan, have a written plan, stick to your plan.

13 Learn to invest, when you do get out of debt and have a emergency fund set up, that is when your game plan allows you to start saving and investing, learn to invest in an IRA  towards your retirement, you are going to need it.

14 Find ways to convert your hobby and interests into extra income. (Yes you can!)

15 Spend some time on freelance work or start your own part time business (Oh, yes you can, and you should!)

Do you have your rainy day fund set up? Expect some rain to fall in your life, expect some bad storms. Prepare yourself to have at least 6 months of emergency funds saved up for that bad storm that will blow into your life. (Because it will happen, and more than once).

If you don’t have any type of retirement funds you are not alone, right now over 45% of individuals do not have any type of retirement accounts established.

People that have financial freedom think differently, they have figured out how it works, have applied the desire and the time into planning for a more secure future.

Do you have the hunger to improve your well being and your financial future? Do you have your retirement plans in the works? Are you ready to put the early retirement tips , the money saving, debt eliminating, saving for retirement, tips and ideas into action?

To overcome your downfalls and start building for your retirement your best bet is grasping your options and facing reality, (get your head out of the sand).

Did you know that using early retirement tips, planning your retirement goals and  having a burning desire to achieve a financial future will literally get you on the fast track to improve your results of achieving success?

Clean up your clutter, start with that hunger, learn to make good choices, learn to set and develop good habits and routines. Have that desire for financial freedom and wealth.

Saving money and building up a fund will make you feel much better than paying on debt.

How hungry are you for changes?  Developing and setting your own personal goals and rules at times seems difficult to commit to and maintain. Yet  think about this for awhile…  if you do not have your own future plan to follow, you will be following someone else’s plan ( for example:  living in poverty on Social Security) What type of plan is that?

Learn to change, you must make changes, you can not keep doing the same thing over and over again, day in and day out and expect a better quality of life, especially if you do not make positive and quality changes. Yes there will be bumps in the road. Learn to get over those bumps. It all depends on how hungry you are for changes.

Determine how much you desire to change your financial situation and to have a better outcome.

Learn to give. Wait, What did you say? yes when you are able, learn how to give and start giving, if it is advise, if it some personal help, if it helping out someone who is in a bad way and needs financial help.

th88QPEZ87Find and share early retirement tips and planning ideas with others.

The greatest obstacle that holds you back on improving your future is procrastination and fear of failure. Learn to get over it, get through it, get past it.

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