101 Ways To Make Quick Cash

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thF25X7KXZLate on paying that bill that you have been pushing off? Or you are totally broke and need some extra cash until the next payday rolls around? There are plenty  of legitimate ways to make quick cash, mostly it just takes your imagination, seizing opportunities and getting out there and actually do the work. Because sorry bud, the cash will not just be handed to you!

You can make up some quick flyers and go door to door with a listing of services that you can offer homeowners, senior citizens or people that just don’t have the time to get things done.

Take a look around to get ideas, such as

grass cutting, gutter cleaning, dog walking, yard work. One easy but dirty work is a number 2 clean up service for anyone that has dogs, and don’t want to do the dirty work themselves. One couple has turned their dog poo cleanup service into a business that they were both able to quite their jobs working for a low pay.thV5NS7TMY

Offer a personal driving service to stores, airports, or doctors appointments to senior citizens or those without cars. You can set this up on a regular basis with some people who need the service.

Parents are always looking for quality day care for their kids on a regular basis and always as an emergency backup when their regular sitter is unavailable.

Some parents are  also looking for after school care for children, and now with all the kids in sports, and extra activities, they need help getting their kids to their designated events throughout the week, especially when the parent is working and cannot leave work at all hours to drive their kids to and from events.


There are plenty of ideas and ways to make quick cash!


If you have a truck available, there are always people that need items hauled away, people need new purchases picked up from stores, they need help moving items, and even help cleaning out basements, attics, garages.
Set up a delivery service with local restaurants in your area. People will pay to have their orders delivered because either, they are too busy to pick it up themselves, they are too lazy or they can’t get out of the home or away from work and spend the time to do it themselves.

Have a garage sale with your own household items or help out a relative, a neighbor or someone from your church or organization. Work it out where you do the work for a percentage of the earnings.

If you own your own home you could possibly rent out an empty bedroom and take on a renter. Or just rent out the garage or basement area for storage.

If you have something of value, such as jewelry, electronics, or unique items, see how much you can get from a pawn shop. Just be prepared to lose the item if you cannot keep up with the payback requirements.

People sell things on the street at airports and special events such as flower bouquets, trinkets, souvenirs,  sports/event related items and even bottles of water, soft drinks, and sports drinks on those extremely hot days.

Use your imagination, talk with other people, with parents, with senior citizens, with home owners, with small business owners.  People always need extra help especially as an “on call” type of situation.idea

Find out what others are charging for personal services and find ways to offer your services at a lower price yet with quality services. Yes it can be done.  Or find a way to charge more and give excellent customer service to bring them back as repeat customers.

You will not get rich doing these activities  yet there are plenty of opportunities and  ways to make quick cash, to put some extra money in your pocket.

Learn to think outside of the box and reinvent things, who knows it could turn into a full time business or top notch money making opportunity.  What more ideas? Check this out:


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101 Quick Cash Ideas: Real Ideas for Generating Fast Cash When You’re Broke    It is not a get rich quick resource but you definitely can get some great ideas and find ways to make quick cash fast.



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  1. Joe

    You have so many great ideas on how to make some extra cash! My main job is a flooring installer, but for some extra cash I do a lot of side jobs doing random remodeling. As the saying goes ” Jack of all trades, but master of none.”
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Angela

      Hey Joe,

      You do not have to be a master you just need experience, and know how to bring in some extra money. Seems to me that you are on the right track of doing side jobs. Keep your eyes and ears open as to other possibilities that might come your way.



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