100’s of Crafts To Make And Sell

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th71B8YRV5Do you have a love for craft items, do you have a talent, a skill, the enjoyment of crafting hand making unique items? Does making some extra money on the side or having your own craft business sound like a winner?

Making and selling your handmade crafts can become a very lucrative business. You just have to find your specialty, offer quality items  and know which crafts to make and sell,  that one of area of craft products that your customers love and

can’t get enough of!

People are finding interesting ways to turn their craft projects into money making opportunities. When it comes to  combining specialty items and a variety of niches, people are seeking out and grabbing up handmade well crafted items to use as gifts or for their own personal use.



Areas where people are demanding unique handmade gifts:


  • Baby showers
  • Wedding showers
  • Engagement parties
  • Weddings of all sizes and venues
  • Specialized birthday parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Last minute gift ideas
  • Romantic dates and valentine’s day gifts
  • Animal lovers are willing to spend big bucks on their “kids”
  • Businesses of all sizes are always looking for gift ideas geared towards clients and employees
  • Specialty shops, museums,
  • Interior decorating to give a home a special touch
  • Lawn and garden crafts
  • All holidays and special occasions
  • All areas of interior decorating
  • All types of jewelry is huge! People are looking for quality, one of a kind pieces and they are ready to spend the money to make a statement.


A craft business can be a time consuming business to start up and to achieve success, yet millions of people are doing it. They are looking for ways to bring in extra cash, they want to supplement their retirement, they truly enjoy making beautiful products.

What does it take? Most certainly a lot of creativity, pulling together your talent, and having the ability to control the hours you put in. Then you have to have some knowledge in the marketing and selling of your items. You are not only a crafter, you are also a business owner.

Your best bet would be to start out part time , set up a business plan, decide  if you are going to stay small or bring in help to  keep up with the demand for your products. Take all avenues into consideration and then grow your business into a full time business


What it takes to have success selling your crafts?

  • Learn to be realistic of your talent and what abilities you can offer
  • Will your product be in high demand, is it marketable?
  • Factoring in your time, materials needed, can you work out of your home?
  • Will you sell wholesale to stores, open your own store, or sell online at popular places such as Etsy and other online craft stores
  • Know how to price your items
  • Know how to market successfully



Online stores are a great starting place but in time you should plan on selling your craft products on your own unique website.

A website of your own should be a big factor to showcase your beautifully crafted items. There are ways that you can build your own free website in no time and have people you can turn to if you run into a problem This will definitely give you more leverage as to your selling power, and getting noticed.


Great quality craft ideas:

I want to share a few wonderful places with you, it is all about creative ideas and hundreds of crafts to make and sell.   For example: rope bowls, pillow covers, mason jar light candles, tote bags, sunglass cases, wind chimes, bird houses, kid stuff, jewelry galore, home décor.

Check it out at:  diyjoy.com    you can get a variety of ideas to do your own projects.

Another great source to get fantastic ideas is with:  homemadehomeideas.com  

Of course you can always get great ideas from Pinterest


Successfully selling your craft items

There are many steps to take to get your products online and there are billions of products that you will be in competition with. So How do you stand out from the others? You have to know who you are selling to, what the demand is and figure out how to market to the masses.  You have to know how to put your products in front of the buyers so they grab them up.


Getting on the fast track is achievable with  The Handmade Entrepreneur-How to Sell on Etsy, or Anywhere Else: Easy Steps for Building a Real Business Around Your Crafts.

Make sure you are using proven techniques and methods to set you way ahead of the competition

Deciding on what crafts to make and sell could be a challenge if you just attempt to do everything at once. Decide on a niche  of what area you want to concentrate on and get started.  


  Never Stop Learning…Angela

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