#1 Best Cell Phone Seniors Are Using

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Millions of people including senior citizens are getting frustrated with their cell phone provider and especially with the type of basic phones that they can select from. What irritates them the most is the complexity of the modern technology phones with all the apps, complexity issues, the small buttons and not have good reception.  One type of cell phone that is growing in popularity and not surprisingly the #1 best cell phone seniors are turning to is the Jitterbug cell phone which is remarkably easy to use, keep in contact with others and fits the need of simplicity.

I hear it all the time from people of all ages that they don’t need all those fancy thingamajigs that are offered on cell phones today. People definitely have their own likes and dislikes and many just want the basics of service, the opportunity of texting and taking pictures when they want too and most importantly they want to keep their cost down and not be tied to some ridiculous plan or contract.

 Surveys have shown not only older people, but there are people of all ages who want to keep things simple, do not want or need all that the smartphones offer and are well satisfied with the Jitterbug. So if you feel this way you are not alone. Yes many people have a simple flip phone, hey  even Warren Buffett still uses a flip phone.



Check out the simplicity on what the Jitterbug flip phone has to offer:

  • Larger, more legible number buttons
  • A bigger more easy to see screen
  • A quality speaker with improved speaker capabilities
  • No yearly contracts that ties you down,
  • No cancellation fees
  • An urgent emergency contact 5 Star response button to receive health and medical help with just a push of a button
  • Low, low monthly cost (you pick how many monthly minutes you want)
  • You can stay easily connected with family and friends
  • Call waiting and caller I.D.



Millions of already highly satisfied Jitterbug customers are finding that:

The Jitterbug flip phone is so easy to navigate with it’s large buttons, large screen and a simple to use camera.

If offers the fantastic 5 Star  urgent help, which is a service you can also customize to fit any emergency or health issue need and it connects with a nurse or doctor 24/7 to answer any questions. It also offers GPS tracking where a caregiver can know the whereabouts of the user.

Along with the magnify glass, users are finding the powerful speaker to distinguish words more easily a great benefit.

People love the low fees that are associated with the Jitterbug flip phone. They have discovered that the amount of minutes and text messages they use on a monthly basis, is well below their monthly budget costs for cell phone usage.

You know, it is all about the basics, you have a phone, you have contact with the world, there are no long term commitments, or mumbo jumbo to figure out.

The parent company of Jitterbug is Great Call  which not only has a Consumer Affairs five star Accreditation but also an “A+” rating with the  Better Business Bureau. 

With Great Call you will find an option of available plans to fit any of your needs.



Although every phone service will charge a one time activation fee for beginning your service,  the great part here is there are no annual contracts to tie you down, no long distance or roaming charges for any calls made within the domestic U.S. and no cancellation costs.

Get on board right now with the best cell phone seniors AND millions of other

individuals are already enjoying.

From the comfort of your own home you can choose your Jitterbug flip phone, active it then pick your plan that best suits your needs.

This phone is all about simplicity and independence. Find the quality and reliability you want. Your own simple phone on your terms, to fit your needs!


Keep connected America….Happy talking!


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  1. Heathguy33

    Great article we’ve been looking for my grandma a phone for some time now. With the ever evolving world of technology it’s a must to have a cell phone. But it has to be something she can manage and be able to function on. The jitterbug just might be the phone for her. Thanks for the information I will buy this phone and see how it goes.

    1. Angela

      It is a great phone for those who want the simplicity an ease of the whole modern technology era.

      Thanks for the visit, let me know how you like the phone



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