What Is The Wealthy Affiliate About?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate about What is the wealthy affiliate about? If you are asking this question then it is quite obvious that you have heard about this wonderful resource and  are interested in starting your own online business, having extra streams of income or finding success in your life.  Is it one of these or is it all of these?


In a nutshell this is what you have been looking for:


What Is The 4 Hour Work Week About?


What is the 4 hour work week about?, The 4 hour work week Most people go about their daily lives hating their jobs, complaining about their low wages, hating their bosses or companies that they are employed by and never taking any steps towards improvement. It is sad that people do a lot of complaining and very little to make any type of changes in their lives.  Sometimes people do way more talking or dreaming then to find actual answers to their boring, stressed out lives.

So I know you are asking that burning question of, what is the 4 hour work week about? I just want to share with you what it basically consists of, some remarks, some reviews and then you can make a decision for yourself, give it a try, or you can (more…)

How To Get What’s Yours From Social Security


Retirement is coming fast and furious and it will be here before you know it. And on top of that is all of the major issues you need to be aware of and how to prepare yourself. I am referring to understanding the in’s and outs of knowing how to get what’s yours from Social Security.

Get what's yours from Social Security

Are you getting your ultimate, totally maxed out monthly amount that you can, and should be receiving from Social Security?


Did you  know there are over 2,700 rules involved with the Social Security process? A sad fact is that the majority of people heading into retirement are just willing to (more…)

How the Wealthy Affiliate Is Reviewed


If you are fed up with your present situation, of working for low pay, working for someone else, making them rich, if you are tired of the stack of bills, if you want a better life, if you want to build a successful online business,  then you need to check out where other people are finding great success with their online results. Let me explain how the Wealthy Affiliate is making people extremely successful when it comes to building an online business and earning thousands of dollars or more a month. Are you ready to learn how? Keep reading… (more…)

Why Make New Years Resolutions?

Why make new years resolutionsOkay so it is that time of year again, we are getting past the Christmas season and going into the new year. When it comes to resolutions, the majority of people wonder, why make New Years resolutions, is it really worth it? Is it just more hype? Or does it just lead to the routine failure?

Many people put forth an honest effort, but then they end up forgetting about their big idea, or just give up on their resolutions entirely.


What Does It Mean To Pay Yourself First?

What Does It Mean To Pay Yourself First?What does it mean to pay yourself first? This is a very popular phrase in the personal finance world, and  although you could use it in other areas such as personal development,  or setting goals, it does factor around the whole concept of having a certain amount of your paycheck be automatically deposited from every paycheck into a special account which is to be saved and not touched.

This whole phrase centers around the fact that you work hard for your money and you deserve a portion of that money to be saved, before paying out the bills. Here’s why…. (more…)

How To Be Grateful For What You Have

How to be grateful for what you haveApplying and using gratitude in your daily life can really make you happier, have a more positive outlook, helps in reducing negative thoughts and reducing negative or bad outcomes.

If you learn to appreciate, and understand how to be grateful for what you have, it would give you more of advantage to understanding the process of working towards total betterment, making changes to advance your  (more…)

The Best Jobs For Seniors – Review

The best jobs for seniorsDo you seem to be pushing off retirement? Or are you totally prepared for the next era in your life? Have you found ways to occupy your time when you do go into retirement? If you are finding these questions hard to answer, then keep reading, because I want to help you find some answers.

Baby Boomers or anyone over the age of 50 are nowadays delaying their retirement years and are opting for opportunities such as, to continue working, finding out that some of the best jobs for seniors are within their grasp, getting involved more in their community, working with organizations and especially finding ways to work within a (more…)

Greatcall Jitterbug – Review

jitterbug flip phone, Great Call JitterbugAre you  stressing over finding the perfect gift for an elder family member? Here is a great idea to seriously consider – how about a simple, effective, reliable cell phone, or a reliable medical care device that can be of assistance to a family member who can use a phone system or some occasional support with a medical condition?  This holiday season, for any gift idea all year long or “just because”,  the Greatcall Jitterbug  with it’s impeccable phone service, the medical help it provides and all the simple but effective extra’s that it provides, can be  the much needed answer to helping out your loved one, no matter what their situation.


What a great gift idea for senior citizens, some one who is in retirement, who do not need to fill their homes with more items that they will never use. The Greatcall Jitterbug phone is a useful present that at times (more…)

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